Who are we and what is our purpose?
See About Us.

How do I buy a ticket to an event?
Tickets are exclusively purchased through Food Adventures’ Events page.  If you have any issues with the ticket purchasing process, just send us an email. 

Do we reserve seats for the event?
We utilize community seating. This means you can sit wherever you want once you get to the restaurant within the designated area of tables for the event. However, we often take up every seat in the restaurant, so you will more than likely make some new friends over dinner!

What if I am attending an event with a large group?
We encourage large groups to arrive 10-15 minutes early so as to do our best to try to sit everyone together.

What if I’m running late to the event?
Our events have a start time of 7pm, but the first course typically hits the table around 7:15pm after everyone has had a chance to settle in and after we introduce the chef/owner and restaurant. If you know prior to the event you may be late, please let us know so we can work with the restaurant to have the courses you missed boxed for you to enjoy once you arrive.

Can I buy a ticket at the door of an event?
Our chefs carefully plan out the menu for our events and purchase just enough food for the event. Out of respect for their time and efforts, we stop selling tickets prior to the event.

Are drinks included in the ticket price to an event?
Most events include one alcoholic beverage with each ticket purchased (unless otherwise specified). Additional beverages can be purchased at the time of the event. Typically, the restaurant will have a specially curated drink pairing available at a great price to accompany the event’s meal.

Is gratuity included in the ticket price of events?
Gratuity is not included. Please take care of your servers as you see fit with cash or credit.

Can we take pictures at the event?
Picture taking is encouraged! We want you to enjoy the Food Adventure experience in every capacity. Don’t forget to tag us with #jaxfoodadventures so we can share and like it!

How do I learn more about upcoming events?
Follow us on InstagramFacebook, join our email list, or text list.