Best Hole in the Wall Restaurants Part 4

It’s time once again to bring you a list of some of our favorite hole in the wall restaurants in Jax.  When we set out on this crazy restaurant reviewing adventure, our goal was to help our readers find great small local restaurants.  We’ve reviewed a lot of places at this point and some of our favorites are still those little-known hidden gems.  You can check out our first three hole in the wall lists here, here, and here.  This latest list also includes some new newcomers to the Jax food scene.  For the most part, these all these spots are flying under the radar…for now.

This Chick’s Kitchen [CLOSED]

Address: 353 6th Ave S. Jax Beach, Fl 32250

Phone: 904-778-5404


If you’re one of our regular readers you may have seen This Chick’s Kitchen mentioned previously, since we might be the restaurant’s biggest fans.  Chef Rosaria Anderson’s new restaurant is designed to emulate the dining experiences she loved while growing up in Europe.  Often her family would go out to eat and enjoy a meal in a chef’s home, with food that had been in the ground only days before.  Chef Rosaria has recreated this dining experience in her restaurant where dining out feels more like a visit with friends…if your friends cooked some of the best food in town, that is!  The restaurant has limited hours Wed-Thurs 11am-4pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-8:30pm.

This Chick's Kitchen - Quiche with Almond Crust

This Chick’s Kitchen – Quiche with Almond Crust


Address: 3620 St Johns Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32205

Phone: 904-388-5688


This little sushi shop in Avondale can compete with the very best in Jax.  From creative rolls to truly fresh fish to offering the real delicacies like toro and live uni, Sushiko seems to score top marks in every category.  What makes this restaurant really stand out though is their extensive vegan menu.  We know it’s a sin to recommend a sushi spot for something other than raw fish!  This falls into the category of “don’t knock it til you try it”.  While we love raw fish just as much as any true sushi lover does, when we go to Sushiko we stick mostly to the vegan rolls because they’re amazing and you can’t find them anywhere else.  The vegan rolls at Sushiko are unique and delicious at a level that any carnivore can enjoy.


Sandwich Depot

Address: 6120 Powers Ave # 4, Jacksonville, FL 32217

Phone: 904-730-0007

Sandwich Depot is “the little sandwich shop that could”.  Huge portions, great prices and beautiful fresh food.  At Sandwich Depot, sandwiches and Mediterranean sides made daily collide to offer you deliciousness at a level of quality that’s rarely matched in this city.

Sandwich Depot - Falafel Platter

Sandwich Depot – Falafel Platter

Balkan Café

Address: 8595 Beach Blvd #305, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Phone: 904-998-9333


Balkan Café serves up Bosnian and Eastern European cuisine.  This great little café has become a favorite of the local Eastern European community and of Europeans passing through Jacksonville on their way to Orlando.  Everything in house is made fresh, from cevapi to sudzuka to the cakes made by the owner’s mom.  If it’s Eastern European food you’re craving, this is the spot.

Balkan Cafe - Snow White Cake

Balkan Cafe – Snow White Cake

Christy’s Dream

Address: 41 PGA Tour Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Phone: 904-834-2448


Who doesn’t love ice cream?  Alcohol can be a beautiful thing too, right?  What if you married the two together?  That’s what you get at Christy’s Dream.  Alcoholic ice cream for those who are inclined, plus lots of other delicious and creative non-alcoholic flavors as well.  They’re absurdly creamy ice cream is all made in house.  While you’re indulging there’s a big couch, an old school giant tv like we all had in the living room in the 90’s, and lots of board games to entertain the family.

Christy's Dream

Christy’s Dream

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