The Best Late Night Spots in Jax

When you’re out past ten on a weeknight your options to eat get very limited. It seems to us that folks end up at one of 3 place primarily. Ale House, Waffle House or Denny’s. We thought to ourselves….. There has to be better options. So we did some digging and we also reached out to you our readers and we came up with a few spots we can feel comfortable suggesting to you over the aforementioned options.
Biggie’s Pizza
Address: 1333 3rd St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
How late they’re open: Midnight, every day
The best pizza in town, available by the slice. Also available: calzones, heroes, salads, desserts. Biggie’s is a colorful hangout where you’re treated like family and your food is made with love.
One thing you should definitely try: Grandma pie


The Casbah
Address: 3628 St Johns Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32205
How late they’re open: 2am every day of the week.
Hookahs, tapas, and some of the best hummus in town. That’s what you can expect from the Casbah. Hang out in a nice small and intimate setting with Mediterranean food served til 2am. The Casbah has a very loyal following for a reason.
One thing you should try: Definitely try the hummus


Mellow Mushroom
Location: 3 locations Beaches, Avondale, and Southside
How late they’re open: 2am every day of the week
Mellow Mushroom is a pizza chain out of Athens Georgia offering a variety of creative gourmet pizzas. We figure most of you know Mellow but if you’re anything like us you didn’t realize they were open til 2am every night.
One thing you should try: The Thai Dye pizza


Location: King street in Riverside across from The Blind Rabbit
How late are they open: 3am every night of the week.
Kickbacks is the quintessential late night spot in Riverside. The one of a kind design of the new steampunk themed expansion Goozlepipes and Guttyworks is reason enough to stop in. Add in decent food and over 200 beers on tap and there’s no doubt Kickbacks is worth the trip.
One thing you should try: If it’s late and you’re drinking definitely kick it old school with some hamburger helper(yes it’s on the menu!).
Kickbacks - Hamburger Helper

Kickbacks – Hamburger Helper

Whiskey Jax
Address: 10915 Baymeadows Rd, Ste 135, Jacksonville, FL 32256
How late they’re open: 2am on weekends, midnight on weekdays.
Whiskey Jax’s Chef Red has done a beautiful job of putting together a creative menu offering his own take on upscale American pub fare.  If you’re craving a taco late, you can’t miss with the steak and goat cheese.  Our favorite addition to any meal at Whiskey Jax is the best hot-sauce in town, Chef Red’s Nasty Sauce.
One thing you should try: Avocado Fries
Whiskey Jax - Steak Taco

Whiskey Jax – Steak Taco

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