Guide to Tinseltown Restaurants

The Tinseltown theatre and dining area has really grown up into a go to spot to eat and enjoy a movie in Jacksonville. This guide to the Tinseltown area restaurants gives you a quick rundown of each option to help you have a better feel for what’s available next time you’re headed that way.

Seven Bridges is a restaurant unique to Jacksonville and named for the seven bridges in our city. (Extra points if you can name all seven!) The coolest thing about Seven Bridges is the working brewery inside. You can see it through large windows on one side of the restaurant and order a flight of beers brewed on site. Our other favorite thing about Seven Bridges is the consistency both in delicious food and good service. If you’re really looking to indulge, try the bacon and chicken mac n’ cheese. You won’t be disappointed.
The seven bridges are: Dames Pointe, Matthews, Hart, Main Street, Acosta, Fuller Warren, and the Buckman. Bonus points if you know the formal name for the Dames Pointe bridge……stumped? The Dames Pointe Bridge is formally called the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Bridge.

Seven Bridges - Carne Asada Mini Tacos

Seven Bridges – Carne Asada Mini Tacos

Taverna Yamas is an authentic Greek restaurant serving everything from moussaka to gyros to lamp chops to vegetarian dishes. Enjoy your Greek food in a festive atmosphere with the wait staff dancing around the restaurant and throwing napkins in the air. Taverna Yamas will bring the excitement to your regularly scheduled night out.

Pho Today. Are you familiar with pho (pronounced fuh)? It’s a Vietnamese dish consisting of noodles and broth with your choice of meat and usually some vegetables. Pho Today also offers things like spring rolls, fried rice, and boba tea. Some people find pho to be intimidating because the menu items are listed in Vietnamese. Don’t be intimidated. Go and ask questions like “What is the most popular dish on the menu?” or “This is my first time eating pho, what do you recommend?” People are glad to share their culture with you and are usually helpful and welcoming.

Taste Food Studio - Lamb Chops

Taste Food Studio – Lamb Chops

Bento Asian Kitchen and Sushi is a new addition to Tinseltown. This is a sister location to the Bento in the St John’s Town Center. Bento is great because there are endless combinations and options on the menu. They offer both a sushi and a kitchen menu. On the kitchen menu you start by choosing a bento box, noodle bowl, or rice plate. Then you choose chicken, tofu, pork, beef, or shrimp. Then you choose your preparation, from curry to Szechuan to Mongolian to teriyaki to bulgogi and nearly anything else your taste buds desire. The sushi is really decent as well.

Mellow Mushroom started up as a small pizza joint in Atlanta, Ga in 1974. Now it’s grown into a fairly big chain that’s somehow kept its local feel. It’s a fun and funky atmosphere with lots of pizza and non-pizza options. Mellow Mushroom offers tons of toppings that you won’t often find at your typical pizza place. Check em out and see for yourself.

Seven Bridges - 2AM Burger Platter

Seven Bridges – 2AM Burger Platter

Kan Ki Japanese Steakhouse is your typical American version of a Japanese steakhouse. It’s a nicer atmosphere than most Japanese steakhouses, with little bridges and water features in and around the restaurant. With teppanyaki grill tables (commonly called hibachi, though hibachi is inaccurate) and a sushi bar, everyone can be satisfied and entertained while enjoying a good meal.

Hooters. What can we tell you about Hooters that you don’t know? I got nothing. Just in case you’ve never been, here it is: boobs. wings . fries. beer. That pretty much covers it, right?

Wild Wing Cafe. There is a lot of competition for bar-type food in Tinseltown. Wild Wing Cafe has been next door to Hooters for YEARS. Jacksonville, how many wings can you eat? Apparently a lot. Wild Wing Cafe does pretty good job in this category. Besides wings, burgers, sandwiches/wraps, and flatbreads, they offer a variety of chips, fries, and sweet potato fries with an assortment of toppings. So that’s a fun spin on bar food. They also have live music on the weekends. But remember, don’t drink and dance.

World of Beer. With 50ish draft beers and literally hundreds of bottled beers, World of Beer is aptly named. They have a short wine list and tavern menu. Come for the beer, stay for the beer, eat a couple German pretzels to soak up all that beer.

Tilted Kilt. Oh look, another wing place in Tinseltown! Tilted Kilt is Hooters with an Irish bent. Boobs. Burgers. Wings. A few fun entrees like shepherds pie and Irish stew. And that’s Tilted Kilt. The food is actually pretty good in our experience.

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