Top 5 Spots to Meet a Cougar in Jax

Ever been out to dinner or are having drinks at the bar only to look up and realize it’s just you and a room full of 40-something women on the prowl? Hasn’t happened to you? That scenario can become a reality for you at one of the places on this list. Without further ado we present to you the top 5 restaurants to meet a cougar in Jax.

#5 Gusto– This new Italian spot may be overpriced and the food might be a bit lackluster but one area it is surely not lagging behind in is mature available ladies. Looking for a woman who can show you a thing or two about life? Gusto is just the spot to find your cougar in Jax beach.

Gusto - Proscuitto Bruschetta

Gusto – Proscuitto Bruschetta


#4 Jerry’s Bar and Grill- Jerry’s Bar and Grill is the ultimate locals spot. Located on Atlantic boulevard near Hodges Jerry’s offers up standard bar fare such as burgers and wings. On Friday and Saturday night Jerry’s is Cougar Central. They’re also known as a Jacksonville brunch favorite so after you have a beer with your newfound cougar friends feel free to stop back in on Sunday morning for some eggs benedict.

#3 Ragtime- An Atlantic Beach favorite of the over 40 crowd for over 25 years, Ragtime offers up steak and seafood, craft beer brewed in house and a piano bar for folks to enjoy. Ragtime always seems to win the cougartown award in those “Best of” contests different publications run annually. Surely it must make any list of places to meet a cougar.

Ragtime - Tacos

Ragtime – Tacos


#2 Cheers- Don’t let the scantily clad waitresses fool you. Cheers is the ultimate spot to meet a cougar in Mandarin. Divorcees abound in this often overlooked trashy but fabulous bar and grill. Don’t expect good food but do expect good(and maybe slightly trashy) company.

#1 Riverside Liquors- Riverside liquors started out as one of the nicer liquor stores in the area and has grown into a delicious and affordable dining option. When you walk in the front door you walk into what appears to be a fairly typical upscale liquor store. If you were just coming in a to buy a bottle of liquor to take home you could easily miss the seating area and cozy tavern located in the back of the store. With a menu made up of tasty tapas virtually all priced under $10 Riverside liquors has become a favorite spot for Riverside locals to grab something light to eat and a glass of wine or a cocktail. In an area of town otherwise populated with 20 somethings looking to party Riverside liquors seems to have become the go to spot for the cougar crowd. If you’re male and you stop in on a week night chances are you may be the only male in the place besides the bartender. On our most recent visit I felt like my dining partners and I had somehow unknowingly joined in on girls night out. We were the only guys in the place and every other table in the tavern area was filled with 40 something women talking about shopping, dating after divorce, how soon is too soon to move in with the boyfriend and similar cougar friendly topics. Wanna meet a cougar? The women at Riverside Liquors have no shame in their game.

  1. The reason you see ONLY women (referred as Cougars I suppose in the article because they are older then 20 or 30) in these places is that there are NO single, successful, athletic, 50 year old MEN in JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NONE

  2. Hey, great info, I will pass this along to my single male friends. I know Ragtime is a great spot, as is the Tap Room next to it for the live music. Riverside Liquors is better now that it has more room on King Street. There are also a few new places in 5 points that could/should be added to this list.

  3. All I can say is WOW ! Where do we find all the single men older than 30? And what do we call them? Viewing this article as a ‘wink and giggle’ piece but guess I will refrain from sitting with a group of friends without posting our age or the fact single guys should feel no alarm.. we are a NO PROWL group of chics.

  4. Thanks. I may have to check some of these plaves out. I’ll be in Mayport this weekend and staying for a month. Who cares to get some drinks with me?

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