50 Most Iconic Dishes In Jax

We love a listicle, and we tell you what-this was the hardest one we’ve ever tackled at JRR. What makes an iconic dish? Our standards were that the dish should be memorable, should be Jax-y, and should be recognizable. We don’t unanimously love all things on this list, and some of us would die without a few of them. But regardless of which way we skewed, the management team of JRR agreed these are the 50 Most Iconic Dishes in Jacksonville. Without further adieu, and in no particular order…here we go! 

  • Apple Fritter / The Ugly from Donut Shoppe
    1535 University Blvd North (important note: cash only)
  • Strickland’s Cheese Spread at Dockside Seafood / Safe Harbor
    2510 2nd Avenue North / 4378 Ocean Street #3
  • Beef Wellington from Restaurant Orsay
    3630 Park Street (important note: preorder only. 48hours to 1 week in advance)
  • The Peruvian from Angie’s Subs
    1436 Beach Blvd
  • Luau Plate from Hapa Li food truck
    Mobile food truck, check social media for locations
Hapa Li - The Luau Plate
Hapa Li – The Luau Plate
  • Ice Cream Flight- 6 mini scoops- WITH HOUSEMADE SPRINKLES at Mayday Ice Cream
    5 Locations in Jax + mobile food truck
  • Bangin Shrimp Taco from Taco Lu
    1712 Beach Blvd
  • Orange Crunch Cake at Blue Bamboo
    10110 San Jose Blvd (important note: winner of General Mills Neighborhood to Nation)
  • Royal Pad Thai (lobster tail, presented in an egg “envelope”) at Blue Orchid Thai Cuisine
    13475 Atlantic Blvd #32
  • Pear Fiocchi at Catullo’s Italian
    1650-2 San Pablo Road South
  • Steak Sandwich at Blue Boy Sandwich Shop
    6514 Norwood Avenue 
  • Taco Salad with Ranch at Cleo’s Sandwich Shop
    1438 Eastport Road (important note: cash only)
  • Daddy of the Mac from The Happy Grilled Cheese
    Two Jax restaurant locations, 1 mobile food truck
  • Mozzarella Lubi from Lubi’s Hot Subs
    11633 Beach Blvd
  • Camel Rider from The Sheik
    Eight area locations
  • Dip Cone from Dreamette
    Two area locations (important note: at least Murray Hill is cash only)
Happy Grilled Cheese Daddy of the Mac
The Happy Grilled Cheese – Daddy of the Mac
  • Sashimi Entree from Kazu Japanese Restaurant
    9965 San Jose Blvd #35
  • African Sweet Bread from Jax Bread Co
    8380 Baymeadows Road #5
  • Oreo Earthquake Funnel Cake from Funnel Cake Queen
    Regency Square Mall Food Court
  • Crab Pot Potato from Mr Potato Spread
    Two area locations + mobile food truck
  • A Honey Dripper from Honey Dripper Hut
    Mobile food truck – check social media for location
  • Bangin Curry Fries from The Butt Hutt Smokehouse
    Mobile food truck – check social media for location
  • Wagyu Filet at Cowford Chophouse
    101 East Bay Street
  • Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Carmine’s Pie House
    2677 Forbes Street 
Mixed Fillings – Pie Flight
  • Ravioli at Dwight’s Bistro
    1527 Penman Road 
  • Chicken Salad at Clara’s Tidbits
    Three area locations
  • Risotto of the Day at 13 Gypsies
    887 Stockton Street (important note: reservation only)
  • The Riverside Burger from Carolina Jax
    2548 Oak Street
  • TIE: The Wedding Cake Slice and the Bruschetta from The French Pantry
    6301 Powers Avenue 
  • Chicken and Waffles with Strawberry Butter from Metro Diner
    Multiple area locations
  • Beef Rib from The Bearded Pig
    Two area locations (important note: limited availability item)
Mr. Potato Spread- Crab Pot Potato
  • Piggy Steamed Buns from TimWah Dim Sum
    8358 Point Meadows Drive #11
  • Pie Flight from Mixed Fillings Pie Shop
    2251 Oak Street (important note: limited daily supply)
  • Gallettes from 1748 Bakehouse
    1748 North Main Street
  • Banana Curry from Fusion Food Truck
    Mobile food truck – check social media for locations
  • Fresh Fruit Shrikhand from Backyard Buffalo
    Farmers market locations – check social media 
  • Birria Pizza from El Agave Azul 
    One open and one coming soon area location (important note: not available on food truck)
Shut Em Down – Fried Chicken and Sides
  • Combo Plate from Celys Filipino Food 
    Mobile food stands and truck – check social media for locations
  • Duval Slice from Tony Pepperoni 
    2158 Mayport Road #7
  • Quiche at Mag’s Café
    231 N Laura Street
  • Shrimp and Grits from Congaree and Penn
    11830 Old Kings Road (important note: reservation only)
  • Katsu Curry from Umami Curry
    11701 San Jose Blvd #23
  • Fried Chicken and Southern Sides from Shut Em Down
    6315 San Juan Avenue
  • TIE: Peanut Butter Pie or Red Velvet Oreo Cheesecake from Amaretti Desserts
    14695 Old St Augustine Road
  • Fried Shrimp Basket from Safe Harbor Seafood
    4378 Ocean Street #3
  • Gyro Plate from Hovan Gourmet Mediterranean 
    2005 Park Street
Town Hall – Duck Fat Cornbread
  • Shrimp and Grits from The Fish Camp brands
    Multiple Jax locations
  • Cheese Grits from A Flying Sausage
    Mobile food truck – check social media for location
  • Duck Fat Cornbread from Town Hall
    2012 San Marco Blvd
  • Squawking Goat from Maple Street Biscuit Co
    Multiple area locations

Honorable mentions – Chef’s Menu from Norikase, Fredo Fries from San Marco Chz Fry Co., Tableside Guacamole from The Flying Iguana, Burger from Pine Grove Deli, Cheese Shell Tacos from Burrito Gallery, TeaNation Green Tea Mojito, Enza’s Meatball Appetizer, Two Tiered Charcuterie from Town Hall, Lobster Mac & Cheese from Restaurant Orsay, Short Rib from Black Sheep, Any Cake Slice from BB’s / Biscotti’s, and any late night Mr Taco item

San Marco Chz Fry Co. – Fredo Fries

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