The Happy Grilled Cheese

The Happy Grilled Cheese food truck opened in Jax in March of 2013. Since then it appears the city and social media has rapidly fallen in love with their cheesy goodness.  After our trip to enjoy their cheesy goodness I can say we have too. They offer anything from a basic grilled cheese called a happy melt to grilled cheeses with mac n cheese, apples, bacon, and even BBQ chips inside the grilled cheese. They set up all over town. They even offer a french toast melt with cream cheese and fresh berries squeezed between two slices of French toast. You can find their daily location on their facebook or twitter pages which we have listed in this article. They also are frequently present at food truck rallies all over the city.

the Happy Grilled Cheese Happy Melt

the Happy Grilled Cheese Happy Melt




the Happy Grilled Cheese Truck

the Happy Grilled Cheese Truck

Food: We tried two types of grilled cheese on our visit to The Happy Grilled Cheese truck. The first sandwich we tried was the Happy Melt ($4)-American, Cheddar, Mozzarella. This one was very good. They’ve taken a basic grilled cheese and made it a better grilled cheese. The 3 cheeses nicely complement each other. You can tell they use plenty of butter from the buttery deliciousness of the perfectly cooked bread. The other sandwich we tried was the Daddy of the Mac ($7)-American, Cheddar, Mac n cheese, pulled pork, grilled onions. It was pure awesomeness!!! I was a little skeptical of how mac n cheese would be in a grilled cheese. After the first bite I knew there was no need for my skepticism. The mac and cheese added beautifully to the cheesy goodness of the sandwich. The pulled pork had great flavor and  paired perfectly with the mac n cheese. The grilled onions added a little needed sweetness. This might come as close as it gets to perfection in a grilled cheese in my opinion. I loved it!

the Happy Grilled Cheese Daddy of the Mac

the Happy Grilled Cheese Daddy of the Mac

Service: The folks at the truck were friendly. There wasn’t much of a wait. Our food came out fairly quickly.

Happy Grilled Cheese Menu

Happy Grilled Cheese Menu


  • They do  grilled cheese right!
  • Lots of creative options to try


  • We’ve seen pictures of their chicken and waffle sandwich but it wasn’t on the menu during our visit.
Happy Grilled Cheese Daddy of the Mac

Happy Grilled Cheese Daddy of the Mac

Happy Grilled Cheese on Urbanspoon

Happy Grilled Cheese - Happy Melt

Happy Grilled Cheese – Happy Melt

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