Orange Park Food Truck Rally @ Bestbet – Turn Up OP!

For a long time we’ve not so fondly referred to Orange Park as the land of chain restaurants . In Orange Park you’ve basically got all of the big chain restaurants plsu some local Italian and pizza places. Creative food choices? Not so much. We’re excited to share with you that the first Orange Park food truck rally is coming up this Saturday March 29th at Bestbet Orange Park. That’s the Orange Park Greyhound racing track for those of you who were wondering, “what the heck is Bestbet?” . This Saturday Orange Park imports food creativity. We’ll be there to see Orange Park leave the foodie dark ages for the first time. Will you? Like we did for the March of the Food trucks rally we’ll give you our preview of the trucks planning to attend the event.

Chew Chew- These guys are a foodie’s dream. This truck tops our list of food trucks we haven’t tried and are dying to experience. The pictures on their facebook page make my mouth water. Chocolate banana bread French toast?!!!! Oh my!!! These guys are famous for their Korean BBQ short bread melt. It even made folio weekly’s 52 things you have to try. These guys might. Did I mention lobster corn dogs? Holy cow! Can this food truck rally hurry up and happen already?

Orange Park Food Truck Rally - Chocolate banana french toast from Chew Chew

Orange Park Food Truck Rally – Chocolate banana french toast from Chew Chew

The Happy Grilled Cheese- These guys offer some serious deliciousness! Check out our Happy Grilled Cheese review.

South In Your Mouth- Could they have picked a better name? They clain to have mouth watering BBQ and loads of original Southern dishes. They also claim to have amazing fresh sweet tea. We’ll be the judge of that!

Orange Park Food Truck Rally - South in Your Mouth

Orange Park Food Truck Rally – South in Your Mouth

Scrappy’s Mobile Kitchen- We can’t find anything on these guys. Scrappy’s contact us and we’ll get the word out about what you do.

Blue Pacific Taco-These guys have a really cool menu that runs the gambit and goes beyond just your average taco truck. Their motto is “Fresh ingredients, Globe tripping flavors” They really do offer a wide variety of flavors from around the world. From Carne Asada to spicy Jamaican jerk pork they’ve got it all. We tried their lumpia at the last food truck rally we attended and loved it! Also, read our Interview with Blue Pacific Taco.

Orange Park Food Truck Rally - Blue Pacific Taco Carnitas

Orange Park Food Truck Rally – Blue Pacific Taco Carnitas

What’s The Catch? – Seafood tacos are their primary focus. Check out our interview with What’s the catch for lots more info on what they offer.

Taste Buds Express- These guys have a massive number of taco options available. The thing that jumps out as us from their menu is the jumbo BBQ sweet potato. We’ve all seen a BBQ potato where they cover a potato in cheese and meat and sour cream. Those are usually pretty awesome. This one is a sweet potato with spiced cream cheese, sugar, butter, pulled pork, sharp cheddar, and sour cream. Check out their menu here:

Baby’s Badass Burgers- These guys are the 3rd in a chain of burger truck franchises. They originated in Los Angeles. They make gourmet burgers that look mouthwateringly delicious. From The Original with their secret sauce to a turkey burger to a grilled cheese burger called the Bombshell Baby’s offers lots of options.

Fusion Food Truck- How about a chef that cooked for the Dalai Lama. Yep they’ve got one of those. A chef that won best indian chef in San Diego? Yep same chef. How did this awesome food artist end up on a food truck again? Fusion has it going on. Check out our Fusion interview for more on their chef and the cuisine they offer.

Super Food Truck- Turkey pesto Panini, Mac n Cheese Balls, Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Quesadilla…. What’s not to love? These guys can even make a beet salad look Tasty. Check out Forget Jack Jill wants a snack to see a Super Food Truck review:

Orange Park Food Truck Rally - Beet Salad from Super Food Truck

Orange Park Food Truck Rally – Beet Salad from Super Food Truck

Monroe’s On The Go- Monroe’s BBQ is in the mix for best Jax BBQ every year. They have multiple locations in town plus now their “On the go” food truck. Their BBQ is slow cooked over night and you can tell it’s made with love and care. See more Monroes at Starpulp’s Monroe’s review and food photos:

Trailer Pork BBQ-We can’t find anything on these guys online. We’re guessing they BBQ pork. Until we hear otherwise we’ll stick with this assumption. The only nugget of info we could find is they seem to be from middleburg. I grew up in Orange Park and you know what they say about Middleburg, “It’s where the men are men! And the women are too….” Hardy har har. In all seriousness though. Trailer pork contact us and we’ll edit this with some real info about your truck.

Grannie’s Chicken- Grannie’s is cookin’ up chicken! They offer fried chicken, liver, gizzards and all sorts of other southern comfort foods. Some say their signature item is their southern fries. Battered like the chicken then fried gives them a crunchy outside and a soft inside. Folks love ‘em! Check out their interview with Eat Drink Jax:

Orange Park Food Truck Rally - Southern fries from grannie's chicken

Orange Park Food Truck Rally – Southern fries from grannie’s chicken

Mister Softee- Ice cream cones, sundaes, Milkshakes. What’s not to love?


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