Save Our Food Trucks!!!

Here’s a crazy story that came to everyone’s attention just one day before the meeting. Councilman Reggie Brown in his infinite wisdom has decided it would be a good idea to put forth legislation that would severely limit if not cripple the ability for food trucks to operate in the city of Jacksonville. It seems brick and mortar restaurants aren’t huge fans of the success of our burgeoning food truck community in Jacksonville.

What do you do when you can’t stand up to the competition?Apparently in Jacksonville you call Reggie Brown and use government to wipe out said competition. Councilman Brown’s proposed legislation would ban food trucks from operating within 500 feet of a public park, completely ban food trucks from certain areas of Jax and make it extremely difficult for food trucks to cater an event at someone’s residence. Additionally, food trucks would not be able to open before 6am and would have to be closed by midnight.

I guess those of us who have to be at work early aren’t allowed breakfast or a gourmet coffee from a food truck? And……wait for it…….The crown jewel of this God awful piece of legislation……Food trucks must provide a bathroom within 100 feet of the truck!!!!!!?????? Is he serious with this one???? This bill might as well ban food trucks in the city of Jax all together. The bill even puts limits on board refrigeration units to 2 units. Why in the world does the city care how many refrigerators You have on a food truck? This bill is big government trying to kill small business at its finest. The first meeting on this bill is Wednesday February 26th at 3pm. We hope you’ll join us in our opposition by calling or emailing your city council person to voice your concerns.

Councilman Brown can be contacted at (904) 630-1684 or .  Please be respectful when you contact Councilman Brown or the councilman from your district.

To find your local Councilman head to:

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