Fusion Food Truck – The First Chef We’ve Interviewed that Cooked for the Dalai Lama…

For the upcoming March of the Food Trucks event we’re interviewing a few Food Truck Chefs prior to Saturday.  Chef Ashley Amin from Fusion was kind enough to reply.  What a cool fusion of flavor! India, Thai and Mediterranean.

1. Introduce us to the chef and the type of food you plan to serve at your food truck.
My name is Ashley Amin. Chef and owner of Fusion food truck. I specialize in Indian, Thai and Mediterranean cuisine. I’ve been a chef for the last 22 yrs. Owned 5 restaurants in San Diego with my brother. I got married July 2012 which bought me to Jax. I serve all 3 cuisines on the truck.

2. Can you tell us about your cooking background?
My mom taught me basics about Indian cooking. As a child I was not allowed to play outside with the other kids and had to help in the kitchen after homework was complete. I grew up in London and moved to SD in 1991. My brother and I started off with a frozen yogurt store where my mom used to cook a couple of dishes and we would sell combo plates for $5. We ended up selling more food then yogurt and realized that there was a great demand for Indian food. So we began the restaurant empire. Within 6 years we had a total of 5 restaurants. 3 Indian 1 chinese and 1 Mexican. Currently my brother has 3 and is running them . It was too much for him to handle by himself.

3. You guys have been at it a month or two now. How have things been going so far?
Fun, exciting, and challenging. Although I cant find the time to iron my hubbies shirts anymore… LOL…Hard work certainly does pay off 🙂

Fusion Food Tuck - Mediterranean, Thai, and Indian

Fusion Food Tuck – Mediterranean, Thai, and Indian

4.  Share with us what inspires you.
Seeing my dads work ethic and the way he treats people. We were exiled from Idi Amin in East Africa and arrived in London in the 70s. We had 24hrs to leave the country which meant my parents couldn’t take anything with them accept for a few clothes and valuables. Seeing my parents go through a lot of struggle and hardship inspires me.

5.  We got a chance to try your chicken tikka masala. It was great! What is another dish of yours diners shouldn’t miss?
Thanks! I would have to say the Drunken Noodles..which is my personal favorite. Sweet,spicy and sour.

6. What’s your favorite place to eat in Jacksonville and why?
Los Portales. One its right behind my house 2. they have great mexican food 3. $1.99 margaritas all day long and lastly great service.

7. What’s been the most surprising part about launching a food truck?
How great the response from the public has been about the food. Also, I’m surprised how so many people are still not aware of the kind of food I serve. I get at least 5/6 people a day asking me “What is Curry”. I love the fact that I can educate them about ethnic food.

8.  Where can diners keep up with the locations you’re going to be at?
For right now FB Fusion Food Truck, Twitter Fusioneats and also Jax Truckies. We will be launching our website soon www.fusioneats.com

Fusion Food Truck

Fusion Food Truck

9. What plans do you have for the future of Fusion?
I would like to take Fusion to a new level in the Food Truck Industry. I hope to have one more truck by next year and expand my catering business.

10.  Anything else our readers should know?
I had the opportunity to cook for Dalai Lama, King of Jordan, Denzel Washington, Philip Rivers and Woody Harrelson. I was also awarded Top Indian Chef in SD in 2009. Hope to see you all soon 😉

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