“Super Brick and Mortar” Doesn’t Have the Quite the Same Ring

One of the big conversation points during the #FoodTruckFiasco2014 was how many restaurants started as Food Trucks.  It looks like one more will soon be added to the list.  According to the Jacksonville Business Journal the Super Food Truck proprietors next step is a Brick and Mortar location about one block West of the Florida Theater.  This will put them in good company.  In fact, the’ll be within walking distance of Chomp Chomp, Dos Gatos, and Indochine This two block range East of Main on Forsyth and Adams hosts some of the cooler restaurants in town.

We think Super Brick and Mortar will fit perfectly…provided they come up with a catchier name.  If you’ve eaten at Super Food Truck you know lack of creativity is not a problem.  I’m sure they’ll think of something.

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