Blue Pacific Grill and Taco Bar – Fresh Ingredients, Globe Tripping Flavors on Wheels

1. Introduce us to the chef and the type of food you serve at your food truck.
Izzy Tahil, chef and owner of Blue Pacific Grill and Taco Bar, was born in Singapore and moved to New York City in the 1980’s. Over 30 years of hospitality and F& B Management experience and is an avid traveler.
Our Motto says it all! “Fresh Ingredients – Globe Tripping Flavors” On our truck we serve a variety of flavors inspired form many parts of the world, such as Japan, Jamaica, India, Mexico, and the U.S. We also have specials where we introduce cuisines from other parts of the world. Our mission is to bring awareness of the great variety and flavor profiles that is not easily found here.

Blue Pacific

Blue Pacific

2. Can you tell us about your cooking background?
Growing up in Singapore exposed me to many cultures and their cuisines – Singapore is a multicultural city with ethnic Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians. When I was the F & B Manager in Hawaii I started enjoying the entire restaurant service process from inventory to dinner service. I learned many kitchen skills from my mom, and still learning from her!

3. Share with us what inspires you.
It is most satisfying when people tell me they enjoy the food that I make. People and fresh and sometimes exotic food inspires me to be creative. Being creative by combining different flavor profiles from around the world drives my menu.

Blue Pacific - Chicken Tikka

Blue Pacific – Chicken Tikka

4. What is the one dish of yours diners shouldn’t miss?
That is a difficult question ☺ For the more traditional flavors try the Carne Asada. For the more adventurous, try the spicy Jamaican Jerk Pork with Mango Salsa or the exotic Indian Chicken Tikka served with Sweet Mango Chutney 

5. What’s your favorite place to eat in Jacksonville and why?
My favorite place to eat pasta or Italian food in Jacksonville is La Cena on Laura Street, Downtown. It is the only place in Jacksonville that I have found that makes Pasta Carbonara the way it should be done – using pancetta and a raw egg! Yum! All their pasta is freshly made and so are the sauces. I have yet to create a pasta taco LOL

6. There are an awful lot of taco focused restaurants popping up. What sets you apart?
A few things ☺
(1) Original creations of flavors from around the world
(2) We use prathas (a type of Indian flatbread) or scallion pancakes for some of our items

(3) Food you will not find anywhere else in Jacksonville!

Blue Pacific Jamaican Jerk Pork Taco

Blue Pacific Jamaican Jerk Pork Taco

7. Where can diners keep up with the locations you’re going to be at? We post our locations on

8. What plans do you have for the future of Blue Pacific Grill and Taco Bar?
Keep introducing ethnic flavors and creations to Jacksonville

9. Anything else our readers should know?
Follow us on facebook, we feature a special taco creation often! Some examples coming out include Korean Bulgogi, Malaysian Satay, Sweet & Spicy Tempeh, Bacon Chili-Mac (yes, believe it!), and others.