The Newest Food Trucks You Have to Try

The Jacksonville food truck scene is growing so fast that we now have trucks from other cities and states moving to Jacksonville to take advantage of our amazingly supportive community. Again and again the trucks are changing the culinary game by showing the foodies that confined space doesn’t mean anyone has to compromise on flavor, innovation, or creativity. The last year has followed suit with the addition of six new food trucks that are all absolute can’t miss dining! Without further adieu, here is our second installation (view the first here) of our new food trucks you MUST try! We included their Instagram links for the easiest ways to find their daily locations, or follow our sister brand @findjaxfoodtrucks on Instagram!

Instagram: @pie95pizza
If you haven’t heard about this truck yet we aren’t sure where you’ve been. Pie95 joined the greats of the Jacksonville food trucks by exploding within just a few days of being open. The rustic, smoky flavors of true Neapolitan pizza are the allure to this truck, along with the highly decorated and talented hands behind the pies–Chef Evan Eriksen. Hailing from Michelin starred background, this chef put a true Italian wood fired oven into his trailer and is producing authentic thin crust pizzas with his signature Margheritas, Biancas, Carnivores, Herbivores, and more. Go find Pie95. Eat all the pizza. Repeat.

Pie95 Pizza

Mr Potato Spread
Instagram: @mrpotatospread
Fact: Not a single person on this planet can turn down a massive loaded potato. Mr Potato Spread is fulfilling this great need in Jax with over the top potatoes and loaded fries that will carb load you right into heaven. Want it topped with broccoli and cheese? Go for it. Want it loaded down with meat? They’ve got you covered. Want it covered in CRAB BOIL?! Your dreams have come true. Bonus: they also deliver catering to office complexes all over the area, so if you can’t make it out to the truck give them a call in advance and they’ll bring it right to you!

Mr. Potato Spread

Team Love Seafood
Instagram: @teamloveseafood
I’m a discerning cajun food consumer because it’s tough to find true cajun flavors this far east. I grew up 1 hour from New Orleans so my standards are high. A few bites into Team Love Seafood’s gumbo and I was a believer. A rich, dark roux loaded with flavor is the base of their gumbo and it is the best available in the city right now. They also specialize in melt in your mouth fried fish and shrimp and all things coastal that are served via platter or poboy. They fry a mean pickle too. Whether you’re craving Florida comfort food or Louisiana comfort food, this truck has it all and it also has our hearts!

Team Love Seafood

Van D’s Dutch Delights
Instagram: @vandsdutchdelights
In a sea of cakes, be a waffle. That’s the old saying right? Van D’s Dutch Delights brings Dutch stroopwafels to the streets which is basically a waffle cookie hybrid. They’re crisp and lightly sweet alone, or try them with a drizzle of caramel, Nutella stuffing, or ice cream to amp it up! They make milkshakes, ice cream, and serve delicious coffee for all your traditional dessert needs. If you want to try something you’ve truly never tried before, Van D’s needs to be your first stop! My personal favorite so far has been caramel and Nutella because why not blend all the delicious things together?! We’re officially believers in the stroopwafel phenomenon and will seek them out for our sweets cravings.

Van D’s Dutch Delights

Blazin Azn
Instagram: @azn.blazin2015
Where do we even start with Blazin Azn? Chef and owner Charlie Nguyen has talent that is seemingly limitless as he’s adapted his food truck menu again and again to stay fresh and exciting. After he lured us all in with mouth watering perfect teriyaki style meats, he brought the hottest fusion food of 2016 to Jax–the sushirito. Shortly after, he rolled out a full sushi menu that is hand rolled to order on the truck using the freshest fruits, vegetables, and seafood. This food truck is operating as a true restaurant and doesn’t compromise one bit on variety in the limited space. His sushi is a work of art and his sushi burritos will fill up even the hungriest of customers! Sushi on wheels? We’re in!

Blazin Azn

Berndt Ends BBQ
Instagram: @berndtendsbbq
Pitmaster Shaine Berndt isn’t afraid to throwdown on the grill. With 12 years of highly decorated competition BBQ experience, Shaine decided to leave the brick and mortar world and take his brand all over Jacksonville with his food truck Berndt Ends. You haven’t lived until you’ve had Berndt’s melt in your mouth brisket, tender ribs, homemade sauces, and killer sides. Their crack mac is fittingly addictive and their datil beans are the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. This truck is setting the standard for Florida low and slow BBQ and we challenge all BBQ lovers to head over and learn why this is one of our first choices when we need the meat sweats.

Berndt Ends BBQ

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