5 New Food Trucks You NEED To Try

I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I dine at food trucks more often than I dine at restaurants, and with good reason. Since the legalization of food trucks a few years ago we’ve seen the emergence of some incredible food. By now, Jacksonville foodies are familiar with the founding staple trucks–The Happy Grilled Cheese, Fusion Food Truck, Funkadelic, and On The Fly to name a few. With over 120 registered food trucks in Jacksonville, we want you to know about the newest options as well. Without further ado, here are the newest food trucks you NEED to try.

Catullo’s Italian

What to Order: Any of their homemade pastas

We’ve been thinking long and hard on this decision, but we are ready to declare that we think that the best Italian in Jacksonville is actually coming from a food truck.  This is just about as authentic as you can get.  Their handmade pastas are tender and perfectly cooked, their sauces are made fresh from seasonal ingredients, and their pizza is some of the best around.  The two brothers running the truck are using family recipes and the incredible food coming out of this truck reflects the years of development put into them.

Catullo's Italian - Handmade Pasta

Catullo’s Italian – Handmade Pasta

Twisted Okie

What to Order: Brisket Tacos or their Twisted Potatoes

Yes, we have a few dozen bbq trucks in Jax to choose from, but Twisted Okie is doing things a little differently and stepping up the bbq game.  We’re a sucker for crispy tacos and when you add slow smoked tender meat into them we’re definitely down.  Plus, there is homemade taco sauce!  You also don’t want to miss their massive Twisted Potato that is heavily loaded with meats and cheeses.  The ribs are another favorite amongst Okie Fans, one friend of mine is certain they’re the best in town.  These are intense portions and bold flavors that you won’t want to miss.

Twisted Okie - Loaded Potato

Twisted Okie – Loaded Potato

A Flying Sausage

What to Order: Breakfast! Also their Lamb Sausage.

Finally, a food truck giving us great breakfast!  A Flying Sausage is doing a little bit of everything.  You can catch them out most days of the week serving a variety of breakfast items like cinnamon biscuit bites, waffle plates with fresh fruit, chorizo omelets, and of course their signature sausage platters.  They also offer build your own breakfast burritos!  For lunch and dinner, their lamb gyro with lamb sausage, lettuce, tomatoes, and tzatziki is a winning choice for sure.  They’re also serving up some pretty stellar tacos with mac and cheese as a side item, which I will never ever turn down.  A Flying Sausage has only been on the road a few months, so we look forward to seeing them grow.

A Flying Sausage - Chicken Tacos and Mac N Cheese

A Flying Sausage – Chicken Tacos and Mac N Cheese

Hapa Li

What to Order: Luau Plate or Spamiyaki

I had limited experience with Hawaiian food prior to Hapa Li.  On my first meal with them, merely a week into them being open, I was blown away.  Any restaurant or food truck usually has a growing period.  Hapa Li was stellar right out of the gate.  The casual and laid back customer service makes you immediately feel like part of their family.  And the food, oh the food.  There have been times when I’ve eaten Hapa Li for several meals in a row and been as happy as could be.  Their pulled pork is salty and flavorful, the Hawaiian mac salad is tender and sweet, and the lumpia is mind blowing.  Always order extra lumpia, trust me.  The Spamiyaki burger is another must have item to cross off a foodie bucket list.  Fried spam sits atop a huge burger patty and is covered in their sriracha mayo for a fusion of every flavor profile possible.  I also love their chocolate haupia dessert and recently their butter mochi.  Think of it as if a mochi and a chess square had a baby – yep, it’s that good.  Indulge in it.

Hapa Li - Spamiyaki

Hapa Li – Spamiyaki

Nitrogen Creamery

What to Order: All the ice cream!

It’s time for a science lesson prior to learning about this food truck.  The use of -320 degree liquid nitrogen in freezing liquids creates a much smaller ice molecule.  When using this for ice cream development, the ice cream produced is the creamiest, smoothest ice cream you’ll ever have.  Add in quality ingredients that are growth hormone and preservative free, and you have one totally revolutionized dessert experience.  With locally based flavors like key lime pie ice cream, and fan favorites like mint chocolate, there is an ice cream for everyone at Nitrogen Creamery.  They also make cookie sandwiches with fresh baked cookies if you’re really feeling the calling for comfort food.

Nitrogen Creamery - Fresh Ice Cream

Nitrogen Creamery – Fresh Ice Cream

We’re blessed with a flourishing food truck community in Jacksonville that’s growing every day, and we are happy to support these locally owned restaurants as they’re changing the way that people view street food.  If you’re looking to stay updated on all the newest food trucks in Jacksonville as well as daily locations and specials, follow our sister brand on Instagram at @findjaxfoodtrucks.  Also make sure to share your food truck meals with us by using our hashtag #findjaxfoodtrucks!  See you at the trucks!

  1. All of them are great trucks. But one to stay away for is Hit-N-Run Grill it is owner is a A crook and not a certified chef he stole all the recipes !

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