Readers Choice Award WINNERS!

The results are in from our first annual Readers Choice Awards and y’all brought the sauce! There are a few national brands that were voted to victory, but many more locally owned establishments who get to claim champion status. The three parent categories are 1. Cuisine (French, Mexican, Korean, etc.) 2. Superlatives (best lunch, brunch, bar, chef, etc.) 3. Areas of Town (self explanatory for Jaxsons)

Surprises include a record NINE category wins for Orsay, and FOURTEEN categories claimed by nine different food trucks. While we were floored by those numbers, the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. What do Orsay and food trucks have in common? Passion. Big or small, casual or fine dining, our city is full of passionate chefs and restaurant owners. Read on to discover the winners…


Best Burger
M Shack
The brainchild of the renowned Medure brothers, M Shack quickly changed the landscape of the burger scene in town with their first burger spot in Atlantic Beach nearly five years ago. With four locations around town, you’re never far from a great burger or fantastic milkshake.
Find locations and more about M Shack here

The Happy Grilled Cheese Food Truck
It’s no surprise that one of Jacksonville’s longest running food trucks is the home of Jacksonville’s favorite sandwich. They’ve been winning hearts one cheesy melt at a time. What’s not to love with a dozen diverse ways to eat the quintessential grilled cheese sandwich? If you’re feeling especially naughty try adding mac and cheese to any sandwich on the menu. 
Find out more about The Happy Grilled Cheese here

Mac n Cheese Melt, The Happy Grilled Cheese

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
Ubiquitous with birthday and anniversary celebrations, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse won the hearts and taste buds of steak eaters in Jax. Ruth’s Chris is located in the Doubletree Hotel on the Southbank.
Find locations and more about Ruth’s Chris here

Mojo BBQ
A Jacksonville original that has been spreading throughout north and central Florida, Mojo BBQ is a fun, funky, laid-back BBQ joint. With eight locations in Florida, four of which are in Jacksonville, it’s an easy jaunt to get some of our readers’ favorite BBQ.
Find locations and more about Mojo BBQ here

Pie95 Pizza Food Truck
One of the newest kids on the block is the most beloved by our readers, and we can’t blame them. Chef Evan Eriksen of Pie95 isn’t your average pizza maker. An accomplished chef who has cooked in kitchens all over the world, including a Michelin starred restaurant, he brings his craft to everything he does.
Find out more about Pie95 Pizza here

The winner of Jacksonville’s best sushi should be no surprise to anyone. Kazu always seems to top the list of the city’s best sushi spots and for good reason. Kazu flies their fish over from Japan to assure the top tier of quality for their diners. They offer an unparalleled variety of fish options. They even offer omakase style dinners, live uni, toro and more. If you want great sushi make the trip to Mandarin for Kazu.
Find out more about Kazu here

A beach establishment, TacoLu came in clutch as our Readers Choice favorite for Mexican. With a flair for fun and a wait list that rarely sleeps, the folks at TacoLu give the people what they want- mainly tacos!
Find out more about TacoLu here

Latin American
Latin Soul Grille Food Truck
This truck’s fusion of Latin, Caribbean, Spanish, and BBQ makes for an irresistible menu. Empanadas and chicken thigh tacos are two Latin Soul fan favorites.
Find out more about Latin Soul Food Truck here

Cuban Fire Grill Food Truck
Authentic, slow cooked, homemade cuban cuisine featuring Cuban sandwiches, lechon asado, ropa vieja, and flan for dessert.
Find out more about Cuban Fire Grill Food Truck here

Puerto Rican
Latin Soul Grille Food Truck
Latin Soul Grille Food Truck also won the Latin American category. See their information there.

Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant
Long before it was a restaurant, Safe Harbor was a fish market, selling the freshest fish, shrimp, and ocean bounty around. So it should come as no surprise that our readers voted Safe Harbor as their favorite seafood restaurant. Safe Harbor has a long tradition of knowing their way around seafood.
Find out more about Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant here

Safe Harbor Seafood, Raw Oysters

Hovan Mediterranean Gourmet
A popular lunch spot in 5 Points, Hovan has been a haven for both mediterranean and healthy eaters for years. One of the draws is its quick service to get in, get delicious food, and get out.
Find out more about Hovan Mediterranean Gourmet here

A couple of years ago we polled every single food writer or blogger in Jax and asked them a fairly simple question. What is the best fine dining restaurant in Jax? We got the exact same answer from every single writer we polled. Orsay. It’s clear to us that our readers are convinced that answer still rings true today. Orsay won a total of 9 different categories in our readers choice awards! How is that even possible? Whether it’s French cuisine you want or the best service in town or romance or a killer happy hour or great cocktails or just something delicious Orsay is top of the list according to our readers.
Find out more about Orsay here

German Schnitzel Haus
Chef Steve Thurston’s take on German cuisine will knock your socks off. German Schnitzel Haus serves patrons traditional German and fusion fare that ranges 6 kinds of schnitzel to beef stroganoff to a wide variety of delicious German dishes we won’t even attempt to pronounce. German transplants often rave about their authenticity. We often rave about the beer cheese soup. Either way you can’t go wrong at German Schnitzel House.
Find out more about German Schnitzel Haus here

German Schnitzel Haus-German Poutine Haus Cut Fries

German Poutine Haus Cut Fries, German Schnitzel Haus

Catullo’s Italian Food Truck
Since our first bite of Catullo’s Italian we knew it was the best Italian in Jacksonville, and realistically some of the best we’ve ever had. Handmade pasta, made from scratch sauces, and signature recipes made the rest of Jacksonville fall in love too. Authenticity, passion, raw talent, and creativity make up the winning equation at Catullo’s Italian. Catch their food truck around town by following their schedule on social media.
Find out more about Catullo’s Italian Food Truck here

Orsay also won the European category. See their information there

Hawkers Asian Street Fare
While not quite a Jacksonville original (the first location was in Orlando), Hawkers has made quite a home in Jax. We thought the Five Points location was as busy as it gets, until Hawkers opened in Atlantic Beach. Hawkers rise to the top is no doubt due to the combination of their diverse and flavorful dishes which are perfect for sharing.
Find out more about Hawkers Asian Street Fare here

Chef Chan’s Asian Cuisine
Located on the southside, Chef Chan Asian Cuisine is known for having a broader menu and more authentic dishes than the average Chinese restaurant in Jax. Traditional Chinese food, made with care.
Find out more about Chef Chan Asian Cuisine here

Blazin Azn Food Truck
A Japanese food truck with a fun twist, Blazin Azn serves up bacon fried rice, sushiritos (sushi burritos), and a variety of tender teriyaki options. Don’t miss them at the next Food Truck Takeover.
Find out more about Blazin Azn Food Truck here

GangNam Korean Restaurant
GangNam opened in the fall of 2016 without much fanfare, but quickly made it to most foodies’ radar by the end of the year. Authentic Korean dishes and excellent service made for very loyal customers to this small, family run restaurant. If you haven’t been, let our readers convince you with this win that it’s time for a visit.
Find out more about GangNam Korean Restaurant here

Fusion Food Truck
Consistently one of the most lauded food trucks in Jax, Fusion Food Truck serves up food with familiar flavors from Indian, Thai, and Mediterranean cuisines. It’s hard to know what people like more- the curries or the savory or dessert samosas. Fusion always has a line and that’s how you know it’s the truck you can’t miss. Chef Ashley Amin will ruin you for all other Indian food.
Find out more about Fusion Food Truck here

Middle Eastern
Specializing in Mediterranean and Lebanese food, Karam’s is a family affair with family recipes and love creating our readers’ favorite Middle Eastern cuisine. Big servings, savory meats, soft pitas, Karam’s has it.
Find out more about Karam’s here

Ibex Ethiopian Kitchen
If you are looking for a unique dining experience, Ibex is the place to go. Ibex offers traditional Ethiopian fare where rather than silverware diners scoop up bites of spicy goodness with a style of bread similar to an airy pancake called injera. If you’re new to Ethiopian food give Ibex a try. The variety of flavors and spices in Ethiopian food is truly impressive. The folks at Ibex will be happy to recommend dishes to try.
Find out more about Ibex Ethiopian Kitchen here

Vegan and Vegeterian
Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails
Named after Chef Tom Gray’s favorite soda, Moxie has become a fan favorite of Jacksonville diners of all shapes and sizes. One of the areas where they shine is with their vegan menu. Moxie offers a vegan menu with around a dozen different options. They offer a level of variety and quality when it comes to plant based eating that few restaurants around Jax stack up to.
Find out more about Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails here

Vegan Dishes at Moxie

Juice Bar
Kairos was founded to offer a better way to eat. They prepare healthy with a menu that is 100% natural, organic, hormone and chemical free, unprocessed. Whether it’s juice, wraps, burritos or sandwiches Kairos has you covered.
Find out more about Kairos Juices and Nutrition Bar here

Cinotti’s Bakery
Cinotti’s has been a family owned and run bakery for five generations and a Jacksonville institution since 1964. The mere variety of baked goods offered are impressive before you even take a bite. These days Cinotti’s most popular item is probably their infamous pumpki donut, which is only available in the fall.
Find out more about Cinotti’s Bakery here

Julie’s Sweet Stuff Food Truck
Julie’s Sweet Stuff has been roaming the streets and stealing hearts ever since she baked some work treats for her husband and the world demanded more. Not only are her cupcakes divine, they’re also small works of art. Whether you need a decadent Chocolate Overload, a summertime Orange Cream, or a rich Pistachio, Julie will have you taking home a new favorite every time. Find their mobile schedule on their social media, or call for pick up at her bakery.
Find out more about Julie’s Sweet Stuff here

Ice Cream
Whit’s Frozen Custard
Whit’s is an Ohio original, but we had the very first location outside of Ohio, right here in Atlantic Beach. Word got out and now Whit’s has four locations in Jacx. Creamy, irresistable custard and a special daily flavor keep the foodies of Jacksonville coming back for more.
Find locations and more about Whit’s Frozen Custard here

The Donut Shoppe
Jacksonville’s oldest donut shop is still Jacksonville’s favorite donut. Be sure to go early and bring cash because you’re not getting any donuts if you show up with plastic. Definitely try the one of their giant “Uglies”!
Find out more about The Donut Shoppe here

Yum, Doughnuts @ the Donut Shoppe Fresh Donut View

The Donut Shoppe

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters
The Bold City needs Bold Coffee and the people have spoken. Bold Bean has passion for every aspect of the dark drink. They roast their coffee beans right here in Jax before delivering them to each of their three locations to create the perfect cup just for you.
Find out more about Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Here


Best Service
Orsay also won the European category. See their information there.

Happy Hour
Orsay also won the European category. See their information there.

Gin & Tonic, Orsay

Best Bar
Sidecar is the hip bar that shares the original V Pizza location in San Marco. Yes, that does mean you can order a pizza from next door while you’re drinking. With an extensive drink menu it’s hard to know exactly what people go there for- the fun cocktails, the well-represented local craft beer on draft, or the vast whisky offerings.
Find out more about Sidecar here

San Marco based Aardwolf Brewery kept it simple and also kept our readers going back. Between a wide selection of on tap beers (we love our Notorious F.I.G.), to several wine options for non beer drinkers, to weekly events, to food trucks, they know what Jax wants. Plus, the warm and comforting indoor seating and the twinkle light lit outdoor seating options are unexpected at a brewery. Atmosphere, service, and quality won the hearts and gullets of Jax.
Find out more about Aardwolf Brewery here

Wine List
Royal Palm Village Wine & Tapas
It’s not surprising that Royal Palm Village Wine and Tapas took the Wine List category because at Royal Palm you literally get to dine surrounded by hundreds of bottles of wine. Peruse the shelves for options to take home or have them opened for you to complement the culinary creations of Chef Chris Robert, one of the most under the radar talents in Jacksonville. It is the wine lover’s dream in our Bold City. Overwhelmed by the options? The restaurant owners, management, and staff are some of the most qualified wine connoisseurs in the city and are more than happy to wine pair and offer recommendations. Salut!
Find out more about Royal Palm Village Wine and Tapas here

Royal Palm

Royal Palm – Wine

Orsay also won the European category. See their information there. 

Fine Dining
Orsay also won the European category. See their information there.

Orsay also won the European category. See their information there.

Metro Diner
A Jacksonville original, what was once a small locals place has spread to 36 locations in nine states, and for good reason. Everyone has their favorite dish at Metro Diner, who is known for their breakfast, but don’t miss the daily specials.
Find out more about Metro Diner here

Black Sheep
Black Sheep is known for its frequently gushed about rooftop dining experience, where hip brunches, happy hours, and sunsets are taken in with nary a care in the world. A fun and delicious place to be and be seen in Five Points, Black Sheep is a ballast of brunchers in Jax.
Find out more about Black Sheep here

Best Lunch
The French Pantry
What started out as a commercial bakery now has a nearly cult following. Open just 11am-2pm Monday-Saturday, Diners line up in any weather to get in the door for lunch at The French Pantry. A not-so-secret fact is The French Pantry is still mostly a commercial bakery, supplying a large number of restaurants in town with their perfect french bread.
Find out more about The French Pantry here

Orsay also won the European category. See their information there. 

Hole in the Wall
Jax Diner
Jacksonville is lucky to have Chef Roderick “Sweet Pete” Smith back in the helm in a local kitchen, serving up his signature quality dishes for regular people. Chef Pete’s housemade sausage, mac and cheese (“crack” and cheese), and daily specials are fan favorites. While open weekdays for breakfast and lunch, Jax Diner does Friday night family dinners and special event brunch for holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Those seatings are by reservation only, but the perfect way to get your hands on some of Chef Pete’s food if you can’t go for breakfast or lunch during the week.
Find out more about Jax Diner here

Kid Friendly
The Happy Grilled Cheese
What do kids love more than a grilled cheese sandwich? Mac and cheese, which The Happy Grilled Cheese can put in any sandwich they serve. Parents love the grown up grilled cheeses and that there are no creepy dancing mice when they take their kids to THGC. Everybody wins here. The Happy Grilled Cheese also won Best Sandwich. See their information there.

Best Place to Watch a Game
Miller’s Ale House
The Ale House is not exactly a bulwark of culinary greatness, but they do have lots of TVs, beer, and greasy food, which is the game watching trifecta. Party on, Jax.
Find  locations and more about Miller’s Ale House here


Food Truck
The Happy Grilled Cheese
The Happy Grilled Cheese also won the Sandwich category. See their information there.

Meal Prep Service
Kathy’s Table
Kathy’s Table creates delicious and nutritious meal options. With more and more folks ditching the junk food and eating whole, unprocessed foods, Kathy has a whole world she is opening up to gluten free and dairy free food.
Find out more about Kathy’s Table here

Take Out
Rite on Que Food Truck
Rite on Que is a recent addition to the Jax food truck scene. If you want ribs that will knock your socks off then you need to try Rite on Que’s “Van D’s candied ribs.” Holy Moly they’re good! Tender, flavorful, smokey and glazed with a glaze we could scrape up and eat with a spoon. Rite on Que offers the full gamut of BBQ options for all of your take out, to go and catering needs.
Find out more about Rite On Que here

Jimmy John’s
If you aren’t familiar with Jimmy Johns you’re probably living under a rock. Apparently Jax diners agree that they fulfill their mission of freaky fast delivery.
Find locations and more about Jimmy John’s here

Best Caterer
Rite on Que Food Truck
Rite On Que also won the Take Out category. See their information there.

Ashley Amin, Fusion Food Truck
This one caught us completely by surprise and made us incredibly proud all at the same time. It says something about our readers that they chose someone entirely deserving of this award yet not nearly as well known as those who typically win this award. Those who usually win this award either are already a household name in the Jax dining scene or have a marketing budget they’re able to use to get “on the map”. Chef Ashley isn’t a household name and has no marketing budget. What she does have is tremendous skill and a work ethic to match! We’ve been fans of Chef Ashley since the first time we took a bite of her panang curry and she ruined us for all other Indian food for good. After that bite we realized no other Jax Indian spot could ever come close. If you want to see greatness live in the flesh head out to the next food truck rally, walk up to the Fusion truck, order whatever jumps out at you and watch Chef Ashley make magic happen as she puts together your dish.
Find more information about Chef Ashley Amin’s Fusion Food Truck in the Indian category.

Fusion - Drunken Noodles

Drunken Noodles, Fusion Food Truck

Female Chef
Ashley Amin
We created this category because we found that all too often the club of Best Chef winners is an all boys club. In 4 years of closely watching these sorts of awards in all of our city’s magazines we can’t recall ever seeing a female winner. That’s not because there aren’t incredible female chefs in our city who deserve to be considered. Rather, they make up a small percentage of all chefs and often face long odds moving up in a rigid male dominated kitchen hierarchy. What a delight for Chef Ashley Amin of Fusion Food Truck to win both Best Female Chef and Best Chef overall. 
Chef Ashley Amin’s Fusion Food Truck also won in the Indian category. Find out more about Fusion Food Truck there.

Pastry Chef
Michael Bump
Currently making dessert lovers swoon at Forking Amazing Restaurants, Pastry Chef Michael Bump has been a force to be reckoned with on the Jacksonville food scene for some time.  He made a splash during his time at Orsay with his homemade ice creams and dessert towers, and now his dessert case and intricate dessert menu at Bistro Aix keep diners coming back for more. Chef Bump is famous for taking inspiration from low-brow indulgences such as s’mores or movie theater snacks and elevating them to gorgeous and indulgent fine dining masterpieces.
Find out more about Pastry Chef Michael Bump‘s creations at Bistro Aix here


3-way tie!
Royal Palm/Seafood Kitchen/Biggie’s

Royal Palm: Royal Palm also won the Wine List category. See their information there.

Seafood Kitchen: Seafood Kitchen has been a favorite hole in the wall seafood spot for Atlantic Beach locals and those in the know for many years. Passed from father to son in recent years, Seafood Kitchen carries on the family tradition of no frills affordable fresh seafood. If you want a great deal on well prepared fish and shrimp look no further.
Find out more about Seafood Kitchen here

Biggie’s Pizza: Biggie’s Pizza opened in a tiny space in Jax Beach in 2016 and they’ve hardly turned the ovens off since. One of Jacksonville’s most sought-after pizza, Biggie’s serves true New York Style pizza in a Brooklyn-themed restaurant space complete with a Biggie Smalls mural by local artist Mobarick Abdullah. With about a dozen different pizzas by the slice and an enormous list of specialty pizzas, every pie with made with passion at Biggie’s.
Find out more about Biggie’s here

Safe Harbor
Safe Harbor also won the seafood category. See their information there.

Safe Harbor
Safe Harbor also won the seafood category. See their information there.

Sashimi Fusion
Jax foodies took a page from their teachers about not judging a book by its cover when they voted Sashimi Fusion as the best Arlington restaurant. From the outside Sashimi Fusion looks like any other nondescript sushi place in a grocery store shopping center. But as soon as you open the door you are transported somewhere entirely different. Impressive neon lighting effects and quality sushi and Japanese food make Sashimi Fusion a perfect night out.
Find out more about Sashimi Fusion here

Gilbert’s Social
One of the newest restaurants on the Southside, but a powerhouse in its own right, Gilbert’s Social opened to much fanfare in 2016. Celebrity Chef and owner Kenny Gilbert brought much of his vision down to Jax from his flagship restaurant, Gilbert’s Underground, in Fernandina Beach. It’s BBQ, it’s Southern/Soul Food, it has some island influences, plus a daily koolaid flavor, Gilbert’s Social is anything but boring.
Find out more about Gilbert’s Social here

Town Center
Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails
Featuring New American cuisine, one of the largest locally sourced menus in Jacksonville, and creative cocktails, Moxie will please any palette. At the helm is the highly decorated Chef Tom Gray, who has and always will ‘wow’ us with his culinary vision. Not only is Moxie the highlight of the Town Center, it is also the cornerstone of the gourmet culinary movement in Jacksonville. Moxie also won the Vegan/Vegetarian Category.
Find out more about Moxie here

San Marco
In a highly sought after and competitive area, Taverna has stayed true to their roots of putting a modern twist on classic Italian food. It’s obviously working. Fresh and seasonal ingredients, pasta made from scratch, and an award winning wine list make Taverna a perfect destination for a night out.
Find out more about Taverna here

Where can you get killer pizza, a great philly cheesesteak, ramen you’ll rave about and a top notch risotto that changes daily? You’d think the answer might be 3 different restaurants but the answer is clearly Picasso’s. This one makes the top 10 list for nearly every foodie we know. If you live in Mandarin you already love Picasso’s. If you don’t you need to go try Picasso’s.
Find out more about Picasso’s here

Julington Creek
Julington Creek Fish Camp
Julington Creek Fish Camp is the newest of “the fish camps”, joining North Beach and Palm Valley Fish Camps. Serving fresh seafood with southern flair in an elegant setting, Julington Creek Fish Camp (and all the fish camps) provide consistently excellent dining experiences unique to Northeast Florida.
Find out more about Julington Creek Fish Camp here

NOLA MOCA Executive Chef Kathy Collins does not have to go far for inspiration. Located in the first floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art downtown on Laura Street, NOLA MOCA is open weekdays for lunch and also for dinner on Thursdays and during Art Walk. With seasonal menus and some ingredients even grown by Chef Collins herself, NOLA MOCA is one of the hottest spots in town.
Find out more about NOLA MOCA here

Café Nola - Key Lime Tart

Key Lime Tart, NOLA MOCA

Uptown Kitchen and Bar
Known among locals for their brunch, any meal at Uptown is fun, relaxed, and delicious.  Whether breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, Uptown has a corresponding cocktail menu and delicious specials on the weekends.
Find out more about Uptown Kitchen + Bar here

JL Trent’s Seafood & Grill
This seafood restaurant is tucked away near NAS Jax, but that certainly hasn’t kept JL Trent’s a secret. With an expansive seafood menu, JL Trent’s keeps diners coming back again and again.
Find out more about JL Trent’s Seafood & Grill here

KT’s Pizza
A favorite family spot on the Northside, KT’s Pizza is known for their housemade sauces and fresh baked dough. They’re known for pizza, but have won many hearts on their pastas and subs as well.
Find out more about KT’s Pizza here

Black Sheep
Black Sheep also won the brunch category. See their information there. 

Orsay also won the European category. See their information there.

Murray Hill
Moon River
Murray Hill residents are over the moon about Moon River Pizza! Moon River has become the gathering space most restaurants only wish they could be. All hand-cut veggies, handmade and rolled dough prepared everyday and stone baked to please plus local craft beer. What more could you want in a pizza place?
Find out more about Moon River Pizza here

Orange Park
The Urban Bean Coffeehouse
Serving real food all day, every day, along with gourmet coffee and beverages such as Italian sodas and nitro infused cold brews, The Urban Bean Coffeehouse is an oasis in the sprawl of chain establishments in Orange Park. The Donut Diva works her magic creating some of the most beautiful and imaginative donuts the First Coast has ever seen.
Find out more about The Urban Bean Coffeehouse here

Blueberry Lemon Lavendar Donut, The Urban Bean Coffeehouse
Photo by KD Weaver

Ponte Vedra
Restaurant Medure
Global cuisine with a local influence, Restaurant Medure has been a mainstay of the Jacksonville restaurant scene for 16 years. Restaurant Medure has a long history of culinary excellence, using only local produce and making all of their own pastas in house.
If you spend much time in kitchens around Jax there’s a name you hear over and over- Medure. And there’s a reason. Restaurant Medure Executive Chef David Medure and his brother, Executive Chef Matthew Medure of Matthew’s, have taught a surprising number of chefs over the years, now scattered all over Jacksonville and many receiving honors on this very list. Their influence is greater than any award could illustrate- it is the ripple of investing in the young chefs who go on to take the helm at other restaurants and lead us all forward in culinary adventures.
Find out more about Restaurant Medure here

That’s a wrap, folks! 70ish categories, 50ish winners. Thank you so much to everyone who voted. If a restaurant you voted for won, please tell them you voted for them on Jax Restaurant Reviews Readers Choice Awards. If you are inspired to eat at any of these restaurants, please tell them you found them on Jax Restaurant Reviews Readers Choice Awards. You’ve got a lot of eating to do!

  1. Soulfood needs its own category and I’m quite sure KT’s pizza isn’t the best on the Northside, that place sucks. To many good spots for that.

  2. While I agree with most, you missed on 2…Enza’s is by far the best Italian restaurant, hands down! And Woodpeckers is ny far the best BBQ, although it may not count because it’s in St. Johns County. Ponte Vedra is also in St. Johns, however.

    • This was all based on public voting by readers. There were some surprises for sure. Have you had Catullo’s? They’re one of the few places to get fresh made pasta.

  3. Someone paid for these reviews! If sorry burned grill cheese sandwiches from a food truck are some of the foods “best” Jacksonville has to offer, the should be embarrassed. And, some fabulous restaurants were left off. The one you got right was The French Pantry!!

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