Chef Spotlight: Jimmy Houska

My name is Jimmy Houska. I was born in Chicago, IL, but eventually moved to Greenville, SC at the age of sixteen, where I started my culinary career. In Greenville, an remarkable Japanese Chef, Tetsuo Nakatsu, mentored me. I worked in traditional sushi bars for about fifteen years. Years later, my family and I decided to move to Jacksonville, FL, where I have finally found a home at Nippers.

I enjoy cooking traditional Asian dishes and putting my own spin on them; for instance, my latest obsession is Asian-inspired tacos. My unique food parings are meant to open customer’s minds and palates.

My biggest encouragement has been my wife and son. My wife has been my biggest supporter, and motivates me to be an outstanding father, husband, and chef. My six-year-old autistic son has overcome huge hurdles and continues to inspire me everyday. I have a competitive nature that spills over into the kitchen. At Nippers, the chefs hold different challenges; for example, battle of specials, shrimp peeling competitions, or quick fire challenges.

I have learned from some extremely talented chefs over the past few years. I continue to incorporate what I have learned, with my own vision to create contemporary and unique sushi. I look forward to serving my food to the Jacksonville area for years to come.

Chef Jimmy

Chef Jimmy

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