3f(x) – One of Jacksonville’s Most Unique Eating Establishments

Location: 9802 Baymeadows Rd (904-928-9559)

So, 3f(x) (three-eff-ex) ice cream and waffles. What is it? It is quite simply the most unique ice cream shop in Jacksonville. Ever been to an ice cream store that has no ice cream? They keep no actual ice cream in their store, instead the folks at 3f(x) make each cup to order on frozen stainless steel cold plates. Crazy, right?

3f(x) - Happy Folks at Work

3f(x) – Happy Folks at Work

Here’s how it works. First you pick your base- whole milk, skim milk, yogurt, soy milk, or almond milk. Then you pick your flavor. There are 20+ flavors, with options that on any given that are likely to include some of the following: banana, coconut, Nutella, honey dew melon, chocolate, strawberry, mango, peanut butter, kiwi, green tea, mint, taro, red bean, etc. The flavors change day to day, but there are a lot, including a couple out in left field. You’ll always have the options to play it safe somehow or take a walk on the wild side. Once you pick your base and your flavor, then you pick your toppings- one fruit topping or two non-fruit toppings are included and additional toppings are extra. Once you’ve made your selections you get to sit back and watch the magic happen. The ice cream artists pour your ice cream base onto the frozen cold plate, add your flavor, and start scraping. Scraping? Yes. They use metal spatulas to scrape and mix your ice cream as it freezes. Think making scrambled eggs, only faster. Once your ice cream begins to solidify they add the toppings and mix and scrape and mix and scrape. Within minutes your treat has gone from liquid in a cup to a delicious frozen dessert.

3f(x) - Toppings

3f(x) – Toppings

But what about the consistency? Is it creamy the way I like it? Yes! It’s delicious. Of course your choice of ice cream base will dictate your end result, whole milk (and possibly yogurt?) being the creamiest. But even the almond milk was a delightful ice cream.

3f(x) - Cone

3f(x) – Cone

The other thing that 3f(x) offers is taiyaki. These are waffles shaped like fish and filled with the filling of your choice. Made to order, there are a variety of fillings to choose from like nutella, apple cinnamon, pumpkin, and many others. Believe it or not, the waffle actually takes longer to make than the ice cream. It’s worth the wait for a fresh, hot, filled waffle. We’ve tried a few and liked them all, my favorite being apple cinnamon. They even off breakfast taiyaki with sausage and eggs as the filling.

3f(x) - Fish Waffle

3f(x) – Fish Waffle

3f(x) is one of the most unique eating establishments in Jax and they have no shortage of fans, us included. We love 3f(x)!



3f(x) - Ice Cream

3f(x) – Ice Cream

3f(x) - Ice Cream Cup

3f(x) – Ice Cream Cup

3f(x) - Fish Waffle Inside

3f(x) – Fish Waffle Inside

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I’m from Chattanooga Tennessee and my sister lives there and it was very delicious and when I come back to see her I will stop by again!!!!

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