V Pizza – Put it Back in the Oven, it’s not Ready Yet

Whoa! check out our revisit review…V Pizza revamped and it’s way better.

Restauranteur Rudy Theale, owner of Nippers Beach Grill (a place we’ve heard good things about) and partners have opened one of the more celebrated new entries into the Jacksonville Pizza Scene. V pizza (short for Veloci or “quick” in Italian) launched just a couple weeks ago. The restaurant is located on Hendricks Avenue in San Marco. The folks behind V pizza aim to take pizza from a food only offered as a restaurant or delivery experience and turn it into an option available to you for a quick lunch or dinner on the go. After hearing all about the upcoming launch of V pizza in the Jacksonville media we were incredibly excited to get to try it.

V Pizza - Pizza Bolognese

V Pizza – Pizza Bolognese

We walked into the restaurant to see beautiful pictures of traditional Italian ingredients and foods. We were greeted promptly by a friendly face at the counter. The cashier was happy to walk us through the menu. She seemed fairly knowledgable about what V pizza had to offer. We decided to order a pizza figuring we’d come back up the counter and try a couple of desserts after the meal. We decided to go with the Pizza Bolognese ($16)- san marzano tomato, fresh mozzarella, natural beef, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil.  The pizza looked delicious! Unfortunately it didn’t taste delicious. The cheese was very bland, the dough lacked flavor, throughout 95% of the pizza you couldn’t taste the garlic. On one of the last pieces I ate I got one tiny bite of garlic. This was the most bland pizza I have ever tasted. I’m not sure if the person making the pizza forgot to put garlic on most of it or what happened but it tasted like cardboard. After the meal I wracked my brain to think of a worse pizza I’ve tasted and I couldn’t come up with one. This pizza is officially the worst pizza I’ve ever tasted. We didn’t finish the pizza and declined a box to take the rest of it with us. We were asked by one of the staff how we liked the pizza. We told her it was bad. She listened and then continued walking. We ended up driving down the street and getting dessert somewhere else since we were so disappointed with the pizza. Don’t waste your time or money at V pizza. We were incredibly disappointed.

V Pizza - Interior

V Pizza – Interior

V Pizza - the Art of Pizza

V Pizza – the Art of Pizza

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  1. Eight of us ate at V Pizza for the first time today and the experience could not have better. The children were entertained by watching the pizza being made, the pizzas tasted fabulous and the salads were the best I have had in some time. We topped off the meal with a delicious Italian cheese cake. Would highly recommend this restaurant!

  2. We had a party of 4 and the tab was over $80. The pizza was mediocre and the experience was subpar. The pizza was flavorless, under cooked and expensive. The ovens look cool but if they don’t produce good food, then it doesn’t really matter how nice they are. The restaurant was clean but noisy. I wouldn’t go back again. There are much better pizza places in Jacksonville.

  3. The Pizza Bolognese is the worst item on the menu in all candor (why they consider it a specialty of the house I don’t know). Agree that it is totally bland, and even the meat is too soft. Avoid that and you will find the pizza is very good. My favorite is the pepperoni. We got a half and half, and it was no contest in favor of the pepperoni.

    Think they are gluten free which is too bad – removes some of the texture out of the crust which I enjoy (chewiness), though my wife thought it was very good.

    We added liberal amounts of parmesan and oregano to our pizza.

    My favorite pizza spot in town is Pele’s. This is a much more casual environment, and it is loud.

    • I have traveled extensively in Italy and love and long for the true Italian Pizza. At V’s you will get just that a true Italian Pizza. I have never been disappointed in their pizza and truly enjoy a taste of Italy in Jacksonville! From the crunchy crust to the delicious cheese and the sausage is really awesome. Wonderful Pizza for those who truly love Italian Pizza.

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  5. Decided to try V pizza for the first time. Should have read reviews before. Fully agree with numerous guest. Over priced for what you get 2 single topping pizzas and wings. $60? For that price at any other pizza parlor, I’m walking out with 6 single topping pizzas. Food cost? Give me a break… never again!

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