Crane Ramen Launches Street Fighter Ramen Competition

Crane Ramen is known for having fun with their food, and their Street Fighter Ramen Competition is no exception! Every Wednesday and Thursday for the next seven weeks two Street Fighters (in ramen form) will face off for the final round. Guests will keep track of their choices on a punch card for a Crane Ramen Street Fighter T-shirt. 

Each Wednesday or Thursday, head to Crane Ramen. For $20 you will get two kid size bowls of the two ramen facing off, plus a draft Sapporo or soda. You get to vote on which you like more. Get a punch card and go six out of eight weeks and you’ll score a custom made Street Fighter T-shirt.

Crane Ramen – Street Fighter Ramen
Photo Courtesy of Crane Ramen

Check out these fighters and get ready to see some battle! 

Sept 18-19: Dhalsim Vindaloo Curry Tsukemen vs Ken Salmon Shoyu with Miso Broiled Salmon

Sept 25-26: Blanka Moqueca, Brazilian Gyokai Shio vs E. Honda Chankonabe 

Oct 2-3: Akuma Devil Beef TanTanMen vs M. Bison Foie Gras Mazeman 

Oct 9-10: Falke Brats and Sauerkraut Mazeman vs Vega Paella Mayport Paitan 

Oct 16-17, Oct 23-24: Quarter Finals

Oct 30-31: Semi-Finals 

Nov 6-7: Final vs Chun Li

Which ramen are you most excited to check out?

Crane – Street Fighter Ramen
Photo Courtesy of Crane Ramen

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