GuanaBana Pops Now Available In The Freezer Section!

GuanaBana is a local fruit dessert company that started with fresh fruit ice pops sold out of an adorable bicycle cart. They grew into a much beloved food truck where they expanded their offerings to smoothies, loaded fruit salads, ice cream sandwiches, meregnon, and ice cream specialties. Everything GuanaBana offers is made with fresh ingredients and a passion for flavor. If you haven’t stopped at GuanaBana’s bicycle cart at the Riverside Arts Market, or their food truck around town or at rallies, consider this your official invitation to hunt them down and get a pop, smoothie, fruit bowl, ice cream, anything!

GuanaBana has grown again, this time into a local grocery store. Lucky’s Market shoppers in Neptune Beach can now find a variety of GuanaBana’s mini ice pops in the freezer section. Flavors include Mango Raspberry, Soursop, Strawberry, Tropical Green, and Passion Fruit.

Congratulations to GuanaBana and to the entire fleet of Jax food trucks. Some of the best food in the city made with the most passion can be found on wheels. Or in your local grocery freezer section.

GuanaBana Ice Pops at Lucky’s Market, photo courtesy of GuanaBana

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