Suns Out Buns Out- Crane Ramen Featuring Eight Buns For Summer

Nothing screams DUUUVAL pride like Crane Ramen’s summer promo —  buns inspired by all local Jacksonville sports teams.  

Throughout the summer, Crane is serving up more than just ramen. We’re talking delicious buns filled with ingredients every Jacksonvillian will love. Each bun in the eight-week promotion will feature inspiration from one Jacksonville’s sports team. The buns will be available on Wednesday and Thursday of the week starting at $7 for two buns. 

Crane Ramen – Suns Out Buns Out Summer Promo
Photo Courtesy of Crane Ramen

• Week 1 (June 26/27): Armada – Fried sardine with beurre blanc espuma 

• Week 2 (July 10/11): New Jax City- Confit lemon and blue crab with fried crunchy crab toppings

• Week 3 (July 17/18): Sharks- Gumbo bun

• Week 4 (July 24/25): Jumbo Shrimp- Mayport Shrimp Burger with tomato marmalade  

• Week 5 (July 31- August 1): Axemen- Jacksonville “Hot Chicken” with sweet coleslaw   

• Week 6 (August 7/8): Icemen- Roast Beef with caramelized onions and parmesan cheese

• Week 7 (August 14/15): Jaguars- Fried Pork Belly with Oxtail gravy 

• Week 8 (August 21/22): Giants- Duck Confit with Avocado

Guests will be given a punch card to keep track of how many they try. Once they’ve tried seven out of the eight buns, they’ll receive a special-designed “Suns Out Buns Out” T-shirt inspired by the teams’ mascots and drawn by local artist. 

Which buns are you most excited to try? Will you go all the way and try ALL THE BUNS?

Crane Ramen
1029 Park St
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Crane Ramen – Buns
Photo Courtesy of Crane Ramen

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