Black-Owned Restaurants to Support in Jacksonville!

Chef Celestia of Celestia’s Coastal Cuisine & Jazzy’s

One way to help the current fight for equality is to support our city’s black-owned restaurants and businesses. 

How you spend your money shows your support and leaves lasting impacts on our community. Below is a list of Black-Owned restaurants you can support today. 

The list is organized into areas of town, followed by a section dedicated to food trucks, vegan/vegetarian, dessert/coffee and personal chef’s and caterers.

If you know of a black-owned restaurant missing, please email us at or DM us on Instagram so we can get it added.

Downtown/ North side / Springfield

Da Real Ting 

128 W Adams St (0.96 mi)

Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Jenkin’s BBQ

5945 New Kings Road

Silkie’s Chicken and Champagne Bar

1602 Walnut Street

Springfield Scoops

1807 N Main Street

Taste Grace

Dunn Ave & Monaco(next 2 checkers)

Jacksonville, Florida 32218

The Avenue Grill

818 A Phillip Randolph Blvd

Jacksonville, fl 32206

Cartel’s Kitchen Seafood & More

3002 N. Myrtle Ave

Jacksonville, Florida 32209

Caribbean Sunrise Bakery & Restaurant

4106 N. Main Street

Annie Lee’s Bakery & Diner

203 W. 48th Street Jacksonville, Fl 32208

Dropzone Grille

Sams Club Northside

Austin’s Soul Food

Austin’s Soul Food

4807 Main St N.

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Annie Ru’s

2851 North Edgewood Ave. Ste. 20

Balla’s Carribean

1410 Palmdale Street 

Kelly’s Place 

1352 Kings Rd (1.22 mi)

Jacksonville, Florida 32209

Holley’s BBQ 

3604 Moncrief Rd

Jacksonville, Florida 32209

Soul Food Express

1227 E 21st St

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

The Cookbook 

1827 N Pearl St

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

A Taste of Miami

1440 Dunn Avenue #32

Jacksonville, Florida 32218

Two Cooking Cousins

1807 W 45th St

Jacksonville, Florida 32209

The Conch Shell 

445 W 22nd St

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Foxy Lady Cafe 

1837 N Pearl Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

The Sweet Spot & Urban Lounge

157 E 8th St #118

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Island Tropics Jamaican 

2527 N Main St (2.18 mi)

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Icecapades (coming soon)

1833 North Pearl Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Blu Diner

5868 Norwood Ave (3.27 mi)

Jacksonville, Florida 32208

San Marco

Pink Salt Restaurant & Bar 

1430 San Marco Blvd

Choppin Coppin Jerk Center

3144 Spring Park Rd 

South side

Pink Salt

Cafe South

6620 Southpoint Dr. S

Mad O Seafood

9735 Old St Augustine Rd, Suite 13

Jacksonville, Florida 32257

Breakfast Bowls & Burritos 

962 St. Johns Bluff Road North (8.97 mi)

Jacksonville, Florida 32225

Jax Bread Co. 

Centurion App Square, 8380 Baymeadows Suite 5 (9.10 mi)

Jacksonville, Florida 32256

Eva’s Jamaican Kitchen

14333 Beach Blvd

Jacksonville, Florida 32250


Smoke in the City BBQ

2449 University Blvd North

Jacksonville, Florida 32211

Trap House Chicken 

5907 Merrill rd Jacksonville, Florida 32277

Team Love Seafood

Regency Mall Food Court

Funnel Cake Queen 

Regency Mall Food Court

Island Dream

Regency Food Court

Mr Potato Spread

Regency Food Court

Sweet Mamas

1527 Cesery Blvd (4.63 mi)

Jacksonville, Florida 32211

Beignets Carribean Cafe

4770 Barnes Rd.

Jacksonville, FL 32207


1111 Cesery Blvd

Jacksonville, Florida 32211

Riverside/Avondale/Murray Hill


901 King Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Cool Moose Cafe 

2708 Park St

Jacksonville, Florida 32205-7608

Motion Sweets

1020 Park St.

Social House

Jacksonville, Florida 32204

The Social House 

4204 Herschel Street

Jacksonville, Florida

Holy Smokes BBQ

1164 Edgewood Ave S

Jacksonville, Florida 32205-7458

Munchies Food for the Soul

Jacksonville, Florida 32210

West Side

Soul Food Bistro 

Canal Street Chicken

6651 San Juan ave

Jacksonville, Florida 32210

Celestia’s Coastal Cuisine 

6765 Dunn Ave suite 201/202

Jacksonville, Florida 32219


5880 Normandy blvd

Shut Em Down

Jacksonville, Florida 32205

P & L’s Seafood

2151 Lane Ave. S #204

Crazy Crab

3610 Blanding Blvd

Jacksonville, Florida

Shut em Down

6315 San Juan Ave

Jacksonville, Florida 32210

6426 Bowden Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Uncle Genes Soul and Seafood 

5123 Timuquana Rd

Jacksonville, Florida 32210

Stars Carribean

1901 Blanding Blvd


Saucy Kitchen

9825 San Jose Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32257

Orange Park

Mackey’s Munchies 

868 Blanding Blvd (16.64 mi)

Orange Park, Florida 32065

Gojo Carribean Cafe

1975 Wells Rd

Irie Diner

1177 Park Ave., Ste 9

Orange Park, Florida 32073

Mayport/ Atlantic Beach

Hangar Bay Cafe 

2294 Mayport Rd. Suite 22 (15.56 mi)

Jacksonville, Florida 32233


51 Robert St (15.46 mi)

Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233


Farmhouse Chicken & Donuts 


FL. 32068

Food Trucks 

San Marco Chz Fry Co.

San Marco Chz Fry Co. 

Mr. Potato Spread 

Team Love Seafood 

Island Dream 


Latin Soul Grille 

A Taste of Chicago

Shrimp It Up

Sassy Wings & More

1589 Kings Rd
Jax 32209

Best Burgers Jax 

Twisting Roots 

Island Dream

Khloe’s Kitchen 

Bawk Bawk Chicken 

Hook Em Up

The Blu Claw 

Gumbo Man

Two Chicks and A Guy


Flavour Saviour

Not Your Daddy’s Ribs

Dee Queezy’s BBQ-Seafood- Wings

Delicious Dishes By D

VnS Soul Food

Bright Light Catering

Starving like Marvin

Khloe’s Kitchen

Fat Mama’z  

One Charlene’s 

Webb’s Family Grill ‘N’ Chill

PV Shack 

Ambitious Eats 


Gala’s Italian Ice 

CK on Wheels

Cherry’s Red Food Truck


Kravegan (Food truck)


TeaPosh Naturals 

1818 N Davis Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32209

Grenville Kitchen

311 W Ashley St unit 1

Jacksonville, Florida 32202-4107


Motion Sweets

1020 Park St.

Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Frozen Sweets Truck

1850 Emerson St
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Honey Dripper Hut

1665 W 25th Street

Honey Dripper House (Food Truck)

Mixed Fillings Pie Shop

2251 Oak Street

Cupcake Connection Bakery

5876 Norwood ave
Jacksonville, Florida 32208

Motion Sweets

Social House 

4204 Herschel Street

Jacksonville, Florida

The Cake Shop of San Jose

3911 Hendricks Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

CupCake Fifty etc.

9119 Merrill Rd unit 6

Jacksonville, Florida 32225

Dricka’s Cookie Jar

The Icee Spot

5310 Lenox Ave. Jacksonville fl

Jacksonville, Florida 


9734 Deer Lake Ct. Ste 5

Jacksonville, Florida 32246

Honie Bee’s

2805 Dunn Ave. Ste 3 Jacksonville, Florida 32218 

Tough Guy’s Cookies (mobile bakery)

Gala’s Italian Ice  (Food truck)

Island Dream (Food truck)

Funnel Cake Queen (Food truck)

Icecapades (coming soon)

1833 North Pearl Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Caterers/ Personal Chef’s

Chef Kenny Gilbert

Blue Sage Cuisine

1322 Cesery Blvd. Jacksonville, Fl 32211

Skinny Pig Cafe & Catering

Tootie Fruity by Nicole

Next Level Food Love

Chef Naps Whippin

Funnel Cake Queen

This list was crowd-sourced through our Facebook group, The Scoop with Jax Restaurant Reviews and our own team’s research. Join the group here!

  1. Hi! I’m starting an Instagram page of black owned businesses. Could I draw from this website?

    IG: @buyblack904

    • Sure! Please just direct folks back to the article as we’re constantly updating with new businesses. Thank you!

  2. I am a transplant from NY, know good food and the value of supporting our own. However, this works both ways. If you want our loyalty and business treat your customers well too! We already get crap and bad quality from the others. If you HAVE to charge more be the best you can be. We take our dollars where we get what we value the most. We’re all in this together. Let’s not cheat ourselves out of a better future with the wrong attitude. Love you guys and can’t wait to see you get better!

    • I was very pleased to see this list. Then your comment made me roll my eyes. Would you leave this same comment on a list that wasn’t for people of color? Treat them as you would any other and make you judgement based off your personal experience. Check your biases.

    • If you don’t understand the reason for this list then you’ve missed a big point. Right now, our Jacksonville black community needs our support more than ever. This is about more than good food and customer service. This about fighting racism. Thank you for being a follower of JRR and hope you get out and support a black-owned business.

      • I’ve never asked a business what ethnicity the owners were before I ate there.
        How does racism fit into eating at your restaurant vs eating at an Indian cuisine or Asian restaurant?
        Wouldn’t I be racist if I didn’t eat at their restaurants also?
        I’m trying to wrap my head around the racist part?

        If you left it at please help support black-owned restaurants that would have been good enough, but to now throw in the racism leaves me wondering if I support other types of restaurants owned by other ethnic groups does that make me a blatant racist?

        • I think you’re missing a big point. Nowhere in this article does it say ONLY support Black-owned restaurants. It doesn’t say stop eating at other local restaurants. It amplifies the importance of supporting Black-owned restaurants. Unless you have been living under a rock you should know the importance of supporting black right now. It’s not blacks against racism, it’s all of us against racism. No one should have to educate you on this, please take the time to educate yourself as to why you don’t get this. Thank you for being a follower of JRR and I hope you go out and support black-owned in addition to all the other local places you frequent.

          • Would it not have been better to encourage Black people to eat at White businesses and for White people to eat at Black businesses so the community could come together and know each other? I believe this list continues the division in this country. It is saying eat at these restaurants because their are owned by a Black person. I would rather judge a restaurant by the quality of their food just like Dr King dreamed of a day where Black people would be judged by the content of their character versus the color of their skin.

          • This list isn’t about alienating other businesses, it’s about uplifting the black community during a much greater fight happening. If you think an article on black-owned restaurants is what’s causing divide then you don’t quite understand racism in our country today. This list isn’t about judging a restaurant by the skin color of it’s owner. It serves as a resource for those wanting to support the black community. Sometimes we need to divide ourselves and take a stand on what’s right in order to weed out the wrongdoers.

          • We need to bring people together if we are going to create change in society and this list does nothing to do that. How about work with these restaurants and maybe do an event downtown where we are can join together? Invite all restaurants regardless of color. They can sell their food and everyone could come together and work towards the change that is needed. I’m sure local media would sponsor the event along with other business. You can’t defeat racism by continuing to divide everything by color. There is only one race and that is the human race and we are all one. If you continue to think by color, nothing will change.

        • I am a woman who likes to support woman-owned businesses. That doesn’t make me sexist, IMHO, I just chose to spend my money helping other women whenever I can. Now thanks to this list I can support some more black women business owners. Thanks for compiling the list, friends!

      • I’m just getting into social media like i should have been for years but I just wanted to personally THANK YOU for putting your energy into what you do

    • I am glad to see you have some of my favorites listed. Some I have not been too yet. When I saw the funnel cake queen listed I gained 5 lbs. I support black businesses, as long as they have fried chicken, fried pork chops, and greens. And I will not stop going to these places unless they band me for life.

  3. This is great! I was looking for blackowned restaurants earlier on Google maps and they suggesting, Black Sheep in Riverside. So now I got my list I’ll be sliding for the good home cooked meals that I know Duval be putting out….Thanks So Much

  4. So glad I saw your list. I fully intend to support as many of them as I can. I did find another resturant however.
    Annie Ru’s
    2851 Edgewood Ave. N. Suite #20 JAX, FL
    Please check them out

  5. Thank-you sooo very much for this list.


    I am quite sure these owners are…


    Thankful, Too!! 🥰

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  7. This is awesome! I’m with a large employer and our culture council is trying to locate black owned, minority owned food trucks for an event. We just started the research so I’m looking for a list, location, time & dates. If anyone would like to reach out to me we think this event would be so great for our community. Not only are we doing it here in Jax our AZ & Tampa teams are doing it too. 🙂

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