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1. Introduce us to the chef and the type of food you serve at your food truck.

Our truck is 100% family owned and operated. Donny, my husband, is the head Southern Chef Artist. Donny has been cooking at various jobs and functions for over 20 years, including kitchen manager, line cook and server. He opened a construction company over 10 years ago; but finally following his true passion, we decided to take the leap and jump head first into the food truck world.

Jessica is also on our crew and she is a super talented culinary graduate who brings a whole new level to the game.

I will be in and out of the actual truck, while running our other family businesses (Jax Bargain Plywood/ Carpet, Browns Creek Fish Camp) and raising 3 children — in my spare time 🙂

We will be serving mouth watering BBQ and other tantalizing Southern dishes. Additionally, Jessica will be whipping up a special weekly dessert.

‘Erotica For Your Tastebuds’ takes food to a whole new level!

South in Your Mouth

South in Your Mouth

2. Can you tell us about your cooking background?

Donny has always LOVED cooking and cooks every meal at home. With no formal experience, per se, he cooks like a master sous chef from France! He can whip up a meal that will make your tongue slap your momma… in the blink of an eye!

3. Share with us what inspires you.

Our inspiration centers around our three children (12, 11 and 10 months) and the life we desire together. We work hard and play hard, as a family… from working a long day on the truck, to all scuba diving together (except for the baby… we haven’t found a tank to fit her yet), to camping with our Boy Scout Troop… we live life to the fullest!

4. What is the one dish of yours diners shouldn’t miss?

Although our BBQ is unforgettable and you may need a priest to ask for forgiveness due to the pleasure received while eating it, we’d have to say that our Dixieline Chili shouldn’t be missed! What is Dixieline Chili? Our signature dish with steaming spaghetti, covered with our original ‘top’ secret-recipe chili, topped with a mound of shredded cheddar cheese, oyster crackers and splashed with hot sauce.

South in Your Mouth Ribs

South in Your Mouth Ribs

5. What’s your favorite place to eat in Jacksonville and why?

Nicole’s On The River is our favorite! Ms. Bobbie is an amazing cook and her staff always makes you feel at home! With sadness, she recently moved from Heckscher Drive to Orange Park… leaving a serious void on the North side. Her Mayport fried shrimp were crazy good and her single pancake filled the whole plate! If you’re in OP, check her out and tell her we said hello 🙂

6. How’d you come up with the name South in Your Mouth?

After MUCH back and forth, we were watching BBQ Pit Masters. A fella ate a piece of BBQ and claimed “That was a bit of south in my mouth!” BOOM! The rest is history.

South in Your Mouth Carolina Sandwich

South in Your Mouth Carolina Sandwich


7. We hear you guys have a semi-permanent location at Browns Creek Fish Camp. How’d that come about?

Our family owns Browns Creek Fish Camp and the price is right 🙂 This area of the North side is in need of new eateries. With Blount Island and the 1000’s of employees working there daily, BAE Systems (ship fitting facility) down the street, neighboring homes, beach goers and fishermen… we forecast a great constant daily drive by business. We have a GREAT Browns Creek following and Facebook friend base.

8. We saw you spent bike week down in Daytona. That had to be quite the adventure. Any crazy stories from bike week?

Bike Week 2014 will go down in history as one of the most exciting, trying, educational, exhausting, though provoking 10 day ‘week’ in history! While set up and vending deliciousness, we met several amazing bikers and new friends. The coolest thing was hearing all the different stories and walks of life who became one for this period of time. Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Outlaws, joe-blows… there was no difference among the bikers we met and served.

Since we tent camped behind the truck for 10 days, we have vast new knowledge of port o’ lets but we’ll save those tips of the trade for future interviews!

Did someone say ‘crapper drags’? Heck yes! If you haven’t hooked your motorcycle up to a ‘crapper’ in a competition (while someone was seat belted in) and see who has the fastest time… you just haven’t lived!

9. Anything else our readers should know?

We are so excited to share our love of food to the folks of Jacksonville!

You never know how you’ll be greeted when you walk up to our truck… “Sir, what can I put in your mouth today?” That one seems to be a public favorite — ha ha

I look forward to meeting you next weekend and putting a little ‘South In Your Mouth’ 🙂

South in Your Mouth Baked Potato

South in Your Mouth Baked Potato

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