Marley Coffee – Sustainable Organic Coffee From a Robot (Vending Machine)

1. We saw that you’re the man behind the new Marley coffee machine in the Regency Square mall. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a 36 year old entrepreneur/investor with a passion for healthy natural living and helping others. I originally grew up in Pensacola Florida, graduated from Florida A&M University and I’m a veteran of the United States Army. I love sports (especially football & Basketball), the outdoors, strategic games like chess & poker, travel & learning new things.
It is very important to me that I only invest in businesses and opportunities that are compatible with my passion for natural organic health, sustainability and helping others. This is why I was excited to go into business with the Marley Coffee brand. They have found a way to bring high quality organic coffee to the market in a way that is cost efficient to the consumer, beneficial to the land and uplifting to the communities of producers. This makes Marley Coffee a perfect business opportunity for me.

Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee

2. What is Marley coffee and how did the company come about?
Marley Coffee was founded by Rohan Marley, son of the legendary and beloved musician, Bob Marley.  Marley Coffee sources its sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted gourmet coffee beans from around the world, including Ethiopia, Central and South America and Jamaica. All Marley Coffee is certified organic.
The Marley Coffee 52-acre estate farm sits atop the Jamaican Blue Mountains, in Chepstowe, Portland, Jamaica, long revered as the region with the world’s most desirable and sought-after coffee beans.  It is the Marley family’s hope that the Marley Coffee farm and its sister farms will inspire other farmers to join the organic movement, by showing them that sustainable farming can be profitable and in fact, more affordable than conventional farming.

Marley Coffee is dedicated to improving the lives of coffee farmers and their families in what has traditionally been a very poor rural community, while bringing the organic farming movement to the forefront in Jamaica. The Company believes strongly that providing a living wage to farmers is not only the humane thing to do, it also is one of the critical factors for creating and continuing sustainable farming practices.

3. Why did you decide to put a kiosk in the Regency Mall and not another location around town?
I choose Regency mall for a few key reasons. Regency is an indoor mall with no other coffee shops in causing any conflict of interest. Other malls in Jacksonville were hesitant to accept us as a tenant due to the contracts they currently have with other large coffee companies. The number of employees alone in a location like Regency mall is enough to keep the business strong. I can not imagine any coffee drinkers tasting a cup from the Marley Coffee automated kiosk and not coming back for more. I honestly believe I enjoyed the best cafe mocha in my life from this machine.
The number one reason that made Regency mall an option is the fact that it was recently purchased by an investment group that has expressed their intention of keeping the mall as a mall and has a track record of successfully filling distressed mall properties with quality tenants.
Hopefully I am the first of many new quality tenants soon to be moving into Regency mall.
We plan to expand to other locations in Jacksonville shortly…..

Marley Coffee Machine

Marley Coffee Machine

4. Walk us through how the process of buying a cup of coffee from the machine works.
When you first approach the machine you will notice that it has three sides that all provide a valuable function. There is the area where your coffee, hot chocolate, or Tea is dispensed which includes a shelf holding lids and mixing sticks.
Side two has a large 38inch LCD screen that tells the Marley coffee story in picture and words, and can also be used as high quality digital ad space for interested local businesses.
Side three also has a 38in LCD screen which is used for scrolling through the menu and placing your order. It is very intuitive and functions like a large smart phone with it’s touch screen features. You also have the option to adjust the amount of sugar you would like in your beverage right there on the screen. Once you place your order you will be prompted to swipe your credit or debit card to complete payment.
This is a cashless machine. Once payment is approved the brewing process begins along with a musical selection from the great Bob Marley that will make the few seconds of waiting an enjoyable time.
When the music stops your drink is ready and as fresh as you have ever tasted. This is truly a unique and pleasurable coffee experience you must try.

5. Why put in an automated machine and not a small coffee shop?
Advances in technology over the past few years has made it possible to create automated coffee shops that are capable of producing coffee drinks at a quality and cost that today’s coffee shops could not even dream of.
Think overhead. Where else can you get a fresh Cappuccino Vanilla brewed on the spot from high quality organic whole beans in seconds for less than two dollars??

5. What types of different drinks can customers get from the machine?
List of products offered in Marley Coffee Kiosks – Marley Gourmet Coffee
(Black or with additives such as sugar, creamer)
– Espresso
– Double Shot Espresso
– Gourmet White Chocolate Cappuccino
– French Vanilla Cappuccino
– Double Mocha Cappuccino
– Vanilla Latte
– Mocha Latte
– Caramel Macchiato
– Hot Tea with cream
– Creamy Hot Cocoa

6. How does the pricing on the kiosk compare to prices you’d find in a typical coffee shop?
You can not buy a better cup of coffee in any other coffee shop I have ever heard of for less than you can via the Marley Coffee Automated Café.

7. Anything else you think our readers should know?
We may have an opportunity to host a meet and greet with Marley coffee founder Rohan Marley sometime this summer at Regency mall. I will keep everyone posted on any and all upcoming Marley coffee events or expansion activity via our Facebook fan page linked below. Feel free to contact me there with any questions.

  1. I’ve been an investor of JAMN stock of approx 5 years and have been curious about what the big deal was of Marley Coffee coffee machine was all about. After seeing it for the first time in Jacksonville, I was truly amaze of what a great innovation this machine is. I believe that JAMN and it’s management team is doing the right thing in promoting their product and helping out the small coffee growers. Go Marley Coffee.

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