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Recently we got an invite out from the folks at South in Your Mouth food truck. If you follow us closely you know we did a pretty entertaining interview with South in Your Mouth a couple of months ago. This time around we got the chance to expand our waistlines and dive into the hearty southern fare South in Your Mouth is known for offering. Unlike other food trucks around town South in Your Mouth has a semi-permanent location at Brown’s Creek Fish Camp on Heckscher drive. That’s a plus since there’s no driving around town hunting down the truck and somewhat of a drawback if you’re located on the south end of town since it’s quite a trek for you. Our suggestion if you live a ways away is to pack a couple fishing poles and make a day of it on the Brown’s Creek Fishing pier where for $3 per person you can fish without needing a fishing license. Then have an affordable lunch from South in Your Mouth while sitting on their picnic table overlooking the water.

On this visit the first item we got a chance to try was the chili cheese dog. The dog itself was solid. The chili was really good. They use a chili called dixieline chili that according to the the folks at South in Your Mouth is the closest thing you’ll find to the famous skyline chili South of Ohio. This chili is thinner than your standard hot dog chili and a bit sweeter. We could taste the cinnamon in it. We were definitely fans.

South in Your Mouth - Chili Dog

South in Your Mouth – Chili Dog


Next up was the pulled pork sandwich. We recently asked our new writer on the Northside, Brittny Lowery, who had the best BBQ on the Northside. She told us to make sure not to miss the pulled pork at South in Your Mouth. She was right on point with that recommendation. We loved the pulled pork sandwich- freshly smoked pulled pork sandwich piled high with homemade Carolina slaw served with the side of your choice-Crispy fries, black beans and rice, Carolina slaw or mac n’ cheese. The sandwich has plenty of pulled pork; it was full of wonderful flavor and very very tender. I’m not a huge pulled pork fan and if… no, when I go back to South in Your Mouth I’ll definitely order the pulled pork. The Carolina slaw is pretty darn fantastic. It’s actually an Asian slaw with chopped up ramen noodles in it, which really nicely adds flavor and texture to the sandwich. This was our favorite item of our trip to South in Your Mouth. If you’re a pulled pork fan you should definitely try it.

South in Your Mouth - Pulled Pork

South in Your Mouth – Pulled Pork

After the pulled pork sandwich we dove into the BBQ pulled pork salad bowl- mouthwatering pulled pork on a bed of cabbage inside a freshly fried tortilla shell loaded with rice, black beans, sour cream, cheese, salsa and cilantro! Again, the pulled pork at South in Your Mouth is delicious. We were really impressed with how much pulled pork was piled into this thing. It was a pure meat fest! The thing we actually enjoyed best about this item was the shell. The freshly fried tortilla shell reminded us of the texture and taste of sopapillas you’d find in a Mexican restaurant minus the cinnamon, sugar, and honey. It was delicious. Our suggestion is to smash up the shell and mix everything together. You’ll get a nice crunch mixed with tender meat along with a variety of textures and temperatures that make for a nice overall experience. The two sides we got a chance to try were the mac n cheese and the rice and beans. The Mac n cheese we didn’t really enjoy. It was kind of dry and not cheesy enough for our taste. The good news is the beans and rice are so good you shouldn’t even consider another side. It’s amazing how much flavor they’ve packed into these beans. If you love beans and rice you need to get in your car and drive up to Heckscher drive. South in Your Mouth’s will blow you away. I haven’t tasted better beans in Jax but I’ll admit I probably haven’t even tried half of what’s out there. These rice and beans were awesome!

South in Your Mouth - Pulled Pork Sala Bowl

South in Your Mouth – Pulled Pork Sala Bowl

Overall we really enjoyed our trip to South in Your Mouth. While it’s definitely an outing for us to head up to Heckscher drive we’re glad we went. These guys offer some pretty tasty southern options and it’s clear they care about what they do. Next time you’re hungry for some tasty Southern food you might just wanna head up north of town and put a little South in Your Mouth.

South in Your Mouth - View

South in Your Mouth - the Trailer

South in Your Mouth – the Trailer

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