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We have probably mentioned before that we are big fans of dessert.  We love sweets of all kinds.  But hot, humid days in Florida are especially perfect for cold treats.  And one of our favorite cold treats are popsicles.  Popsicles are fun and refreshing and appeal to the masses.  There are a lot of places in town to get really tasty popsicles.  Bold City Pops is one of the latest that we’ve tried.
Bold City Pops - Pearl

Bold City Pops – Pearl

Bold City Pops travels all over town in their signature orange and white vintage camper, pedaling their delicious fresh fruit ice pops and sharing their love of the Sunshine State.  Their 1969 camper, charmingly nicknamed Pearl, is such an important part of their brand.  It evokes a sense of history and has so much character.  And it’s just plain fun.  My kids love seeing the camper at events around town and we’ve been eager to try out some of Bold City Pops’ yummy treats for a while now.
Bold City Pops - Menu

Bold City Pops – Menu

When we finally caught up with them, we immediately fell in love with these amazing farm fresh popsicles.  The pops are handcrafted right here in town using all natural ingredients and hand picked fresh fruits.  Each pop is made with love and is filled with just as much character and charm as the camper itself.  Bold City Pops offers lots of kid-friendly pops as well as plenty of more grown-up flavors for the kid in all of us.  But really all of the flavors on their menu sounded great, so it was tricky narrowing it down to just a couple to try out.  We ended up going with the Cookies-n-Cream and the Peach Mojito flavors.
Bold City Pops - Cookies-n-Cream

Bold City Pops – Cookies-n-Cream

The Cookies-n-Cream pop is a perfect example of a kid-friendly flavor.  It was definitely a big hit with my two kids, and I thoroughly enjoyed the couple of bites I managed to get, too.  It was creamy and rich, but not overly sweet.  And the best part was that it had an entire Oreo right in the middle.  It was fun to eat and very tasty.
Bold City Pops - Peach Mojito

Bold City Pops – Peach Mojito

I got the Peach Mojito pop for myself, thinking that I could enjoy it on my own while my kids shared the Cookies-n-Cream pop.  Boy was I wrong.  This pop was so delicious that the kids kept stealing bites and unfortunately I ended up having to share it.  Don’t worry, despite the name it had no actual alcohol in it (although that would be fun too!).  But all the flavors together in this pop definitely evoke the feeling that you’re enjoying a crisp and delicious mojito.  It was full of fresh South Carolina peach flavor, with sweet simple syrup, and just the right touch of lime and mint.  The mint and lime added a brightness to the sweet peachy flavor.  It was light, refreshing, and fruity…perfect for such a hot day.
Bold City Pops - Popsicle Thief

Bold City Pops – Popsicle Thief

In addition to their ice pops tasting amazing, the folks who run Bold City Pops are just plain nice people.  We were greeted warmly with a smile.  I asked a few questions about the ice pop flavors and the camper.  Not only were my questions answered in a friendly way, but I was encouraged to go to Bold City Pops’ website and leave my feedback as well.  It’s always great to meet business people who truly want feedback from their customers to help improve their product.  As far as I can tell, Bold City Pops doesn’t have too much to improve upon.  Their popsicles are delicious, the owners are friendly and welcoming, and their whole image conveys a charming sense of carefree nostalgia that is sure to please kids and adults alike.  My only qualm was the price of the pops.  At $4 each (listed as $3 each on their website, so I’m assuming maybe the price just recently increased) the price isn’t too much if you’re getting just one or two.  But when every member of the family wants their own flavor, that can start to add up really quick…and then you’ve spent over $20 on popsicles.  The flavors are great and the quality is amazing, so we don’t mind splurging on some Bold City Pops every now and then.  But for a dollar or so less, we would definitely be willing to indulge a lot more often.
Bold City Pops - Business Card

Bold City Pops – Business Card

We see Bold City Pops around town fairly often, so we are hoping to be able to indulge again in the near future.  They are all over the place.  They can be found regularly at the Hemming Park GreenMarket and at festivals and events throughout Jacksonville.  They are such a perfect fit for our city and are leading the way in the “farm to freezer” ice pop movement.  We love their vintage camper and their “boldly flavored” ice pops.  Be sure to keep an eye out for Pearl next time you are out and about, especially as the temperatures start to rise this summer!


For this review we welcome a member of our own JRR family:  Rhonda Kovar is a former call center manager turned stay-at-home mom.  She grew up in the heart of North Carolina and moved to Florida after getting hitched in 2002.  She is a graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne University and a lover of all things crafty, musical, or edible.  Rhonda loves finding new and delicious ways to turn her two tiny picky eaters into future foodies.  You can follow her on Instagram.
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