Your Football Food Roundup- Delivery & Takeout That Actually Tastes Good

It’s a Game Day Food Round up!

Happy football season to all of our fellow foodies!  Football is upon us! [Insert angel choir here.] Along with football comes FOOD.  Every weekend you find yourself trying to decide if you want to be outside over the grill or inside watching the game eating cardboard pizza. Do your guests a favor and just say no to cardboard pizza. Check out our updated picks for foodie-approved game day eats. Go team!

Biggie’s Pizza


NYC Meatballs & Pizzeria  (Westside).
Located in Phase II of Oakleaf Plantation, NYC Meatballs & Pizzeria is a place where passion for food, community, and country lives. Rocky spent years making pizza in New York and New Jersey before moving to Jax and opening NYC. We are huge fans of what Rocky is doing and that’s why we know you can’t go wrong getting your game day pizza from NYC Meatballs & Pizzeria. Give them a shout at (904)-375-0289.

Biggie’s (Beaches)
If you’ve read anything we’ve written about pizza, you know how we feel about Biggie’s. Gazmir is a perfectionist about how his New York style pizza is made. These are the biggest pies in Jax, plus there are tons of specialty pizzas to choose from. Fingers crossed the Riverside location will be open well before football season ends. For the beach location call (904)-853-6327.

Davinci’s (Atlantic Beach)
Davinci’s is the little pizza place that could. North beach people know the goodness that lies within those walls. Davinci’s has some unique and fun specialty pizzas or order what your heart loves. Delivery is an option for Atlantic, Neptune, and north Jax Beach. Call them at (904)-241-2001.

Paddy’s Pizza (Mandarin)
Paddy is a great chef and happens to own a restaurant with a brick oven.  Perfect for his pizza passion, right?  We think so too.  Paddy has some delicious specialty pizzas, but will make anything your pizza loving heart desires.  Give Paddy’s a try at 880-7777.

Apple Brandy Wings From DNA, Dex & Angie


NYC Meatballs & Pizzeria (Westside)
Not only does NYC Meatballs have fantastic pizza (and meatballs!), their wings are legit as well. Cooked to order every time, NYC never takes shortcuts that affect the integrity of the food. Plus some of their sauces are made fresh in house! Give them a shout at (904)-375-0289.

Dex & Angie’s (Southside)
For some of the wildest wing flavors you will ever come across, head to Dex & Angie’s on St. John’s Bluff Road. With options like Apple Brandy, Blue Angel, and Cheesecake, there’s no telling what Dex & Angie will cook up next. Plus they make it easy with wing orders on the menu in quantities up to 100!  Order your wings at (904)-527-1237.

Dick’s Wings (Locations all over town)
You knew Dick’s was going to be in this round up, right?  With 35 signature flavors, a total of 365 different flavor combinations, and 20 locations across north Florida and south Georgia, Dick’s is basically king of the wings around here.  Some of the highlights of their wing menu are the variety of combos, and flavors like cajun ranch and FL/GA Lime.
Find your nearest location here.

Mack’s Tenders (Mandarin and St. John’s)
While not exactly wings, you can get copious chicken tenders from locally-owned Mack’s Tenders in two areas of town. Mack makes it easy with party platters in amounts of 20, 40, 60, or 100, plus extra large orders of fries and tots. The big draw at Mack’s Tenders is the Flavor Coop where you can choose from 30 flavors of sauce or mix sauces to create new flavors.
Mandarin: (904) 379-5642
St. Johns: (904)-342-8126

Gators BBQ - Pork

Gators BBQ – Pork


Jenkin’s Quality BBQ (Downtown, Northside, Southside)
The most legendary bbq in the city is Jenkin’s. If you haven’t had it, do yourself a favor and get thee to a Jenkin’s. They’re not known for their service, but they are known for their BBQ and their sauce. There is nothing else like it. The best way to order for a group is just to get a few slabs of ribs. They’ll come with some white bread to soak up all that fat and sauce and you will not be sorry. Of Jenkin’s 3 locations, only downtown is open on Sundays if you are planning around the NFL schedule.
Downtown: (904) 353-6388
Northside: (904) 765-8515
Southside: (904) 346-3770

Monroe’s Smokehouse Barbeque & Catering (Southside & Westside)
The Monroe family comes from a long line of barbequers and they continue the family tradition today with two locations in Jax. They have a full catering menu for any size group, so whether you have six, sixty, or six hundred people watching the game at your house you can feed them well. Monroe’s is closed on Sunday, so plan accordingly.
Southside: (904) 996-7900
Westside: (904) 389-5551

Gator’s (Westside)
Gator’s BBQ is heaven-sent, especially for game day.  They do boatloads of takeout orders and have some of the best and best priced BBQ around.  Gator’s is the perfect place to order food for college football, but they are closed on Sunday, so don’t count on them for NFL. Their number is 683-4941.

Bearded Pig (San Marco)
One of Jacksonville’s newest BBQ restaurants is also one its most delicious. The Bearded Pig has bbq and sides available by the pound, pint, or quart, but you’ll have to pick it up. Order at (904)-619-2247.

4 Rivers (Southside, Orange Park)
Started in the Orlando area, 4 Rivers hit Jacksonville and Jaxsons never looked back. Fresh smoked meats, a variety of sides, a separate bake shop, and Cheerwine in the soda fountain, 4 Rivers has a lot to offer. They sell bbq and sides in bulk by the pound or quart and they have a dedicated to go window. They are closed on Sundays, though. Order at 1-844-4RIVERS.

The Pig (Orange Park, Westside, Northside, Callahan, Bayard)
The Pig is a local business with five restaurants all over town.  We consistently hear from Pig customers how much they love it.  We value family business and we also appreciate that The Pig has locations for virtually any Jax resident.  Plus their family specials make it easy to feed a crowd.
Orange Park: 213-9744
Westside: 783-1606
Northside: 765-4663
Callahan: 879-0101
Bayard: 374-0393

Blue Boy - Sandwich

Blue Boy – Sandwich


D&LP Subs (Beaches)
Located in Jax Beach, D&LP Subs has something for everyone- subs, wings, pizza, pasta. We love their subs and you will, too. The Extra Large sized subs are 18″ long, so you can feed a crowd with a few of those. Or get a little of everything- pizza, wings, and subs! Call them at (904)-247-4700.

Angie’s Subs  (Beaches)
Angie’s is a beach legend that we’d be remiss to leave out. From the entertaining daily messages on their sign to their best selling Peruvian sub, Angie’s has an ethos all its own. Subs from Angie’s will definitely make your guests happy. Call ahead at (904)-249-7827.

Surfwiches (Beaches)
Surfwiches is a beach standby favorite and with their local sourcing of ingredients it’s not hard to see why. Two of their suppliers are their neighbors on Penman- Cinotti’s and Terry’s. I have to drive farther to put gas in my car than they do to get their bread. It’s hard to say what the best thing about Surfwiches is, but the fast that they deliver certainly doesn’t hurt…Order your subs and hoagies at (904)-241-6996.

Blue Boy Sandwich Shop (Arlington, Northside)
Blue Boy Sandwich shop has been baking fresh bread for their sandwiches every day since 1973.  They have a huge menu full of hot and cold subs to choose from, plus you can order a party sub that will feed 30 people.  They are open until 3pm daily and closed on Sundays, so schedule accordingly.
Arlington: 743-3515
Northside: 768-9791

Soul Food Bistro

Soul Food Bistro


Soul Food Bistro (Westside and East Arlington)
With two locations – one on each side of the river, and quick, delicious food, Soul Food Bistro is some of our favorite Southern cooking in town.  They don’t fit into one of our above categories, but they offer family meals and catering to satisfy the hungriest football fans.
Westside: 394-0860
East Arlington: 394-2801



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