Grumpy’s in Orange Park – Breakfast for your waistline, not your wallet

At the suggestion of one of our twitter followers we stopped in to check out Grumpy’s on Kingsley Ave in Orange Park. Grumpy’s is a Breakfast and lunch spot open early from 5:30am til 2pm seven days a week. They offer an array of southern breakfast options that your taste buds may thank you for but your waistline may not. They have a huge every day menu plus probably another 20 or so daily specials. If you can think of it they probably offer it.

834 Kingsley Ave, Orange Park, FL 32073

Phone: (904) 215-1956

Food: We started off with my favorite southern breakfast food of all time cheese grits. Grumpys were perfectly blended so the cheese and the grits were indistinguishable from each other. You can’t have great cheese grits without the the cheese and grits being perfectly blended together. A+ cheese grits at Grumpys! Next up was the Orange stuffed French toast($6.99). I was really impressed with the quality of the orange stuffed french toast. It was far above the quality I ever would have expected. This is the kind of entree I’d expect at a gourmet breakfast place like Metro Diner or some other gourmet sort of spot. Only there you’d pay more for the same quality of entree. Essentially it’s 6 slices of French toast where each pair is held together by a rich creamy filling and covered in a wonderful sauce similar to orange marmalade but not as thick as marmalade would be. It was Indulgent and delicious! The only negative you could say about this dish is it my be a little heavy for breakfast on a weekday. It came with 3 strips of bacon. The bacon lacked a bit of flavor but it wasn’t bad. We also tried the biscuit. It was soft, flaky, and generally pretty good.

Orange Stuffed French Toast @ Grumpy's

Orange Stuffed French Toast @ Grumpy’s

Service: The service was just what you’d expect from a down home sort of breakfast place. We got called honey and sweetheart. We were treated like old friends.

If you’re ever in Orange Park for breakfast don’t hesitate to stop in to Grumpy’s.

Breakfast Biscuit @ Grumpy's

Breakfast Biscuit @ Grumpy’s

Friendly service
Great breakfast options
Good prices

Mediocre bacon

Breakfast Specials at Grumpy's

Breakfast Specials at Grumpy’s

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