Milano of Daytona Beach – Affordable Ho-Hum Italian, Skip the Lasagna

Milano is a quaint little Italian restaurant located a block off the ocean in Daytona beach shores. They offer a variety of homemade traditional Italian dishes as well as pizza, steaks, and seafood. We walked in, were greeted warmly and immediately sat at a table.  The place was fairly empty and after trying the food we could see why.

3100 S Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118

We started with a house salad. It was really basic with just iceberg lettuce tomatoes and a pickle slice on top. They offered homemade Italian, Greek or creamy Italian dressings. I tried the homemade Italian dressing. It tasted pretty close to an oil and vinegar dressing with a little spice added. I wasn’t a huge fan. Some rolls were delivered to the table with the salad. They were pretty bland. Again, I wasn’t a fan. When we finished the salads the waitress arrived with our supreme pizza. When the waitress was telling us about the menu she explained that they used homemade dough. The pizza was decent. Nothing to write home about but I wouldn’t be too unhappy with it if I just ordered pizza. To make sure we got the full experience we tried the lasagna with meat sauce. I generally prefer very meaty lasagna as I think most people who order it with meat sauce would. Even though this one was advertised as lasagna with meat sauce it lacked meat. The sauce was truly awful! It even tasted a bit like ketchup. It’s not something I’d order again and I’m a big lasagna fan.

Offensive Lasagna @ Milano Italian

Offensive Lasagna @ Milano Italian

Normally when I sit down at any restaurant the first thing I ask for is a glass of ice water. I was shocked when the waitress told me they don’t serve tap water. She proceeds to tell me that if I want water I’ll have to buy a bottled water for $1.25. Are you serious???!!! Refusing to serve tap water is the epitome of taking advantage of people. I begrudgingly ordered a bottled water. I asked for it 3 times and the bottled water didn’t even come until after the food was delivered. Aside from that blatant abuse of customers the service was fairly decent.

Supreme Pizza @ Milano Italian

Supreme Pizza @ Milano Italian

The check was $30 for a medium pizza, lasagna, an extra house salad, a bottled water and an iced tea. There are far better choices for Italian in Daytona Beach. Definitely pass on this place.


Salad @ Milano Italian

Salad @ Milano Italian


  • Friendly people
  • Reasonable prices


  • Won’t serve you ice water, force you to buy bottled
  • Horrible Lasagna
  • Bland rolls
Milano Italian in Daytona Beach

Milano Italian in Daytona Beach

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  1. I believe your review to be extremely bias. The lasagna is very good as it has been served for 35 years there! The pizza is by far the best you can get in Daytona. I have been to all the restaurants in this area with my family, and there is a reason Milano Restaurant is still in business after 35 years. Not to mention, the view… You can actually see the beach and the waves crashing! Shame on you to go restaurant bashing as a food “critic.”

    • No need for our view to be biased. We write about each restaurant based on our experience at the time of our visit.
      The lasagna tasted like it was 35 years old…
      Milano has a 53% like rate on Urban Spoon, 2 stars on Yelp!, and rank 221 out of 358 restaurants in Daytona on tripadvisor.
      So, perhaps we’re wrong…along with about half the people that have posted about it online.
      You’re right about one thing! the view is awesome.

  2. i worked at milanos. the food is awful. there are roches. this place is for people who dont know good food. im an italian girl , i was shocked to see the garbage food i had to serve and the outrageous prices. i quit after 2 weeks disgusting.

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