[CLOSED] Home Plate Diner – A Quirky Place with Solid Breakfast and Lunch Options

We were looking for a new-to-us breakfast spot to try and happened upon Home Plate Diner. What a fun place! Walking in it seems like any other diner but the longer you are there the more you realize that it’s definitely so much more. As you might gather from the name, everything at Home Plate Diner is centered around baseball. The entire menu is filled with items named after baseball players. The folks behind Home Plate Diner are the same folks that started Colonel Mustard’s Burgers (they have since sold Colonel Mustard’s, so if you have any complaints don’t tell them. No really, there’s a sign that says that in Home Plate Diner).

Address: 1487 Mayport Road (Mayport Rd and Donner) Jacksonville FL 32233

Phone: 247-0100

Home Plate Diner - The Senator

Home Plate Diner – The Senator

When you go to The Home Plate Diner make sure you look for your favorite baseball player on the menu and see what dish they are named for. For example, The Honus Wagner is a burger with bacon, grilled onions, ham, secret sauce, and swiss. Aside from yummy diner food, The Home Plate Diner is just plain fun. There are a list of off the wall rules, they advertise that they cater office parties, birthdays, and divorces, they have a hall of fame and a hall of shame, and everyone gets picked on equally by the Colonel. When we were there the colonel came strolling out of the kitchen and just randomly hurling good natured insults at people and giving absolutely everyone a hard time. Everyone in the place laughed and thought it was hysterical. This place definitely has character. Before I get into the food I will say that the place has a slightly funny smell and definitely looks like it could use a good scrubbing. With that said we enjoyed the food and the way the colonel keeps the place fun. Make sure to check out our photo of the list of ridiculous rules.

Home Plate Diner - Rules

Home Plate Diner – Rules

We didn’t order a lot and were in the mood to keep it simple so don’t expect our typical list where we break down half the menu. The Home Plate Diner is a breakfast and lunch spot where you will find all the expected diner breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, and wings, plus some highly inventive dishes as well. The Senator ($6.00) is two sausage patties dipped in pancake batter and cooked like a pancake, with two eggs cooked to order. We couldn’t resist The Senator when we saw it on the menu. It was even more delicious than we anticipated. The pancake portion alone was a better pancake than I’ve had in recent memory. So, rich melt-in-your-mouth pancake goodness, and then a sausage patty in the middle? Yum! Put this on your Jacksonville food bucket list. We also tried the wings: 10 jumbo wings ($6.75), mild. They were good wings. There were certainly more exciting things on the menu, but the wings were a solid choice. We know from his Colonel Mustard’s days that the colonel makes a top notch burger so we can recommend it. Additionally, the colonel gets rave reviews for his philly cheesesteaks. Many Mayport locals swear they’re the best this side of Philly.

For a cheap breakfast or lunch at the beach, with a side of fun, don’t miss The Home Plate Diner.

Home Plate Diner - Interior

Home Plate Diner – Interior

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  1. I will never order food from Hot Plate in Mayport. A friend rec. to me so I called to place an order for breakfast. I asked the man what was his breakfast menu REMEMBER, this is my first time trying this place. The man RUDLEY said Everything. Ok, I said can you make a veggie complete with onions, mushrooms and before I could finish the man RUDLEY SAID” I KNOW WHAT A VEGGIE OMLETE IS” I started to hang up but did not. I continued to finish with my order and when giving my delivery address he was saying man I can’t hear you. He gave the phone to someone else. My friend took the phone from me and before giving the address said she would like to make a complaint on the guy who was on the phone and the lady said who are you going to complain to and my friend said I am complaining to you. So the lady RUDLEY said. Well he is the owner so again who can you complain to. RUDE PEOPLE!!

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