Your Pie – Custom Personal Pizza and Craft Beer

Nearly a year ago we reviewed Your Pie when it opened. They were the first pizza place in Jacksonville to offer a “Subway style” assembly line where you have a personal pizza maker assemble your pizza then slide it into the oven to bake in minutes. We were fans. Quick pizza made with a massive variety of toppings and sauces to choose from? Yes please!

Your Pie - Trevor Pie

Your Pie – Trevor Pie

This month the local franchisees at Your Pie in Tapestry Park invited us to come out and try some of the new items they have on offer. While we typically don’t mess around with franchise restaurants Your Pie really doesn’t conform to the typical boring “here’s a recipe, now cook it” style of doing things. From the seemingly every-day-of-the-week community involvement to the local craft beer, Your Pie pairs nicely with our expectations of what a restaurant should offer.

Your Pie - Craft Beer

Craft Beer

On this month’s visit we sampled 8 pizzas, a salad, a panini, plenty of beer and all sorts of Gelato. Of the 50+ toppings available I think we tried around 20. While the pizzas listed on the menu are nice, mostly traditional combinations of toppings you can’t go wrong buliding your own. If you really want to experience Your Pie ask your personal pizza maker to create something unique for you. We did just that and our pizza maker Trevor put together a pizza that had corn, green peppers, craisins, ham, and about 20 other toppings that shouldn’t work together that I’d dare put against almost any other pizza I’ve tried in Jacksonville. It was fantastic. Our other suggestion is to forego the traditional tomato sauce and pizza one of the other more interesting sauce options Your Pie offers. The salad we tried was their Kale Caesar. If you like kale you’ll love this salad! It didn’t have the bitter taste you often fear when you eat kale. It seems the acidity in the dressing provided a nice balance that took away the sometimes bitter flavor of kale. It was served in a bread-bowl baked right before our eyes in minutes. There’s nothing quite like bread fresh out of the oven to go with a nice salad.

Your Pie - Kale Salad

Your Pie – Kale Salad

Pop-quiz! When you eat a piping hot piece of pizza out of a brick oven and burn the top of your mouth, what is the appropriate liquid to cool the burn? Craft Beer! Your Pie has a nice mix of craft beers local to Jacksonville and a couple other interesting options from around the country as well.

Your Pie - Order


If we posted this and stopped here, you’d have a pretty good idea of what Your Pie is all about. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take time to complement what a great team of folks. The staff at your Pie in Tapestry Park have a passion and excitement unlike any we’ve ever seen at a chain. We give them big points for that. Stop in for a pizza, salad or a beer at Your Pie and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

Your Pie - Panini

Your Pie – Panini

Your Pie - Our Pies

Your Pie – Our Pies

Your Pie - Understands Jacksonville

Your Pie – Understands Jacksonville

Your Pie - Brewery Map

Your Pie – Brewery Map

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  1. There is nothing that I love more than custom pizza. It is so great to know that there are pizza places out there that are “Subway-style”. When I am in the mood for pizza again I am going to make sure I remember this.

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