Hog Heaven BBQ – Daytona’s Best…it’s all about the sauce

I took a leisurely stroll down Atlantic avenue in Daytona beach and happened upon Hog Heaven Bar-B-Q. Hog Heaven is a Barbecue restaurant local to Daytona. They claim to be Daytona’s best barbecue. Hog Heaven Bar-b-q offers all the standard barbecue options: pulled pork, brisket, bbq chicken, and baby back ribs.

Hog Heaven Sauces

Hog Heaven Sauces

Address: 37 N Atlantic Ave Daytona Beach Fl

Phone: 386-257-1212

Menu: http://hogheavendaytona.com/images/HogHeaven%20Menu3.pdf

Food: We started off the meal with a sweet tea. What’s a barbecue restaurant in the south without great sweet tea? Their sweet tea was good. It was just the right amount of sweet without being “make your eyes water” sweet. For the meal we decided to go with the pulled pork and 1/4th chicken combo ($12.69) with macaroni and cheese and southern style green beans. It seems as of late restaurants in our area seem to be serving pulled pork already in some sort of sauce when it’s delivered on the plate. This pulled pork came plain without sauce. It had decent flavor. It was just a tad dry.  I’d give it a B minus. The 1/4 baked chicken was really good. It was cooked correctly and the sauce on top was decent. The Mac n cheese was nice and creamy with fairly big noodles. It was traditional without a baked on crust or any fanciness. I enjoyed it. We end up experiencing all the “new fangled” versions of Mac n cheese all the time so it was nice to get back to basics. The green beans were listed as southern style but I can’t imagine what made them Southern style. To me they were pretty basic green beans. There was no ham or other additions to them that I could see or taste. They were your garden variety green beans. At Hog Heaven Bar-b-q they provide 4 different BBQ sauces on the table: spicey, sweet and bold, mustard, and smokey. I’ve never been to a barbecue restaurant and loved every sauce…… Until now! Their sauces are great. I loved and used all 4. Normally you find one sauce you like and stick with it… Or at least I do. This time they were all so good I could make up my mind. The spicey had just enough spice and just a hint of sweetness. Sweet and bold was your standard sweet BBQ sauce but better. I’m not a huge fan of mustard normally. This one was sweeter than usual and a bit less bitter than the typical mustard sauce. I enjoyed it. Smokey was….well….. Smokey. It was really good. I ended up mixing sweet and bold with smokey and that ended up being my favorite way to enjoy Hog Heaven’s BBQ sauces.

Hog Heaven Plate

Hog Heaven Plate

Service: I’ve never gotten my food faster at any sit down restaurant. Within two minutes of ordering my food was delivered hot. The waitress Cathy was warm and friendly. She had good suggestions and was good company. She was on top of everything. The only hiccup from a service stand point was receiving a quarter chicken dark when I ordered a quarter white. The waitress noticed right after I started eating and immediately offered to swap it out for white meat but I really thought that’d be wasteful so I wouldn’t let her take it back. I appreciated her immediate willingness to take it back without me asking. The service overall was excellent.

Hog Heaven BBQ is definitely a good option if you’re in the Daytona area and want to enjoy some good barbecue with great sauces. Check ’em out.

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