[CLOSED] Chew Chew Food Truck – One of Our New Favorite Food Trucks

I say the same thing pretty much every time I try a food truck for the first time.  But this time I really mean it when I say thats it’s one of my new favorite food trucks.  I tried out Chew Chew Food Truck today and was pretty much blown away.  With all the great things I’ve heard about this truck, I can’t believe that it took me so long to get around to trying it out for myself.  Chew Chew Food Truck launched in September 2013 and has been a major part of the Jacksonville food truck scene ever since.  I’m always impressed with the amazing food that comes off of a lot of Jacksonville’s food trucks and Chew Chew Food Truck is no exception.  It was worth the wait!

Chew Chew Food Truck - Menu

Chew Chew Food Truck – Menu

I was headed home from running errands today and Chew Chew Food Truck just happened to be set up on my way home.  And it just happened to be lunch time.  And my kids just happened to be well-behaved enough to warrant a special stop on the way home.  Gotta love it when the stars align like that.  First off, I love the bright, fun design of this truck.  I’ve seen it around town a lot and it always catches my eye…and the eye of my 4-year old, who is slightly obsessed with food trucks these days.  (Chew Chew Food Truck is his new favorite too, by the way.). The artwork on the truck depicts scenes from downtown Jacksonville.  It was done by Jessica Becker, who has done murals all over town, including at one of our favorite spots…TacoLu.

Chew Chew Food Truck - BBQ Sliders

Chew Chew Food Truck – BBQ Sliders

The Chew Chew Food Truck menu is great.  They offer plenty of variety and unique options, but without being too overwhelming.  And that makes sense, since the chef and owner Blake Burnett describes the food’s style as “eclectic fusion and new American cuisine.”  The menu definitely reflects that.  Their food feels like comfort food with a unique twist.  We picked the BBQ Slider Burgers ($8) and since we had heard so many people rave about the Lobster Corndogs ($10), we just had to try those, too.  Both came with hand cut kettle chips.  These chips were amazing and I would buy them by the bag if I could.  They were thick cut and perfectly crispy and potatoey.  A great accompaniment to the main dishes.  The BBQ Slider Burgers were also tasty.  For $8 you get three good-sized beef burgers on slider rolls, covered in melty white cheddar cheese, bacon, housemade BBQ sauce, and these incredible (magic?) crunchy breaded fried jalapeño peppers.  The BBQ sauce had a really nice flavor and twang to it and the burger itself was great.  But what really made these sliders unique was the fried jalapeños.  I don’t even like jalapeños, but I devoured these breaded and fried peppers today.  The crispiness of the peppers was a nice addition to the burgers and it of course added a little spice, which was great.

Chew Chew Food Truck - Fried Jalapeno Slices

Chew Chew Food Truck – Fried Jalapeno Slices

The Lobster Corndogs were even more impressive.  Seriously.  If/when you track down Chew Chew Food Truck, order the Lobster Corndogs.  Just do it…trust me on this.  They were amazing.  For $10 you get 3 skewers and more of those yummy kettle chips.  The lobster in the corndogs was perfectly rich, tender, and buttery.  And the batter was golden crispy, but still light-tasting.  It had amazing flavor, but without the heaviness that you get from most fried food.  The Lemon Honey Dijon Mustard sauce that came with the Lobster Corndogs was the perfect pairing.  Sweet and tangy with just a hint of spice.  Hmmm…I wonder if they sell it by the bucket?

Chew Chew Food Truck - Lobster Corn Dog

Chew Chew Food Truck – Lobster Corn Dog

Chew Chew Food Truck is all over the place these days.  Throughout the week, you can find them set up at various spots around town for lunch.  Then you can catch them on the weekends at all sorts of festivals and events.  Somehow, they seem to be pretty much everywhere and are consistently a crowd favorite.  And for good reason.  The food we tried today was proof of that.  Chew Chew Food Truck is definitely one worth tracking down!

Chew Chew Food Truck

Chew Chew Food Truck

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