[CLOSED] The Cats Meow Food Truck – Made From “Scratch”


The Cats Meow Culinary Express is one of the newest trucks in the Jacksonville food truck lineup, so we were excited to try out some of their offerings.  One of the owners of the truck was taking orders at the window.  She was incredibly friendly and inviting.  After checking out their menu, we couldn’t wait to place our order.  They have some really fun and unexpected menu items.  We decided to try the Fontina Stuffed Risotto Balls with Marinara ($3.50) and one of their much-anticipated (by me anyway) Spud Subs.  After much soul-searching, I settled on the Sweet Potato Spud Sub ($6.00).  This lived up to everything I thought it would be.  They basically took a perfectly baked and seasoned sweet potato and stuffed it full of sliced chipotle-seasoned chicken and a melty, cheesy awesomeness that they call “blue cheese fluff”.  And you eat it like a sub sandwich.  Crazy, I know.  But it totally worked and was amazing.  The sweetness of the potato was the perfect balance to the spicy meat and the tangy cheese.  My Spud Sub came with some sort of cold lemon orzo salad that wasn’t mentioned on the menu, but what a pleasant surprise!   After polishing off my entire meat and cheese-stuffed potato, the salad was very refreshing and light.  It was a really nice compliment to the Spud Sub.  The Risotto Balls were also a big hit.  They offered up more melty cheesy goodness but this time stuffed inside fried balls of rice.  This was served with marinara sauce which had great flavor but was cold.  With such attention to detail and flavor on everything else, it would have been great to have a nice warm side of marinara to go with the Risotto Balls.  Overall, we had a great experience with The Cats Meow Culinary Express.  With options we haven’t tried like the Navajo Tostada and Smoked Chicken BLT Waffle-wich on the menu, I can’t wait to hunt down this little food truck and try more of what they have to offer.

The Cats Meow - Fontina Stuffed Risotto Balls with Marinara

The Cats Meow – Fontina Stuffed Risotto Balls with Marinara

The Cats Meow - Spud Sub

The Cats Meow – Spud Sub

The Cats Meow - Cold Lemon Orzo Salad

The Cats Meow – Cold Lemon Orzo Salad

The Cats Meow

The Cats Meow

The Cats Meow - Menu

The Cats Meow – Menu

Made From Scratch

Made From Scratch

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    • Mike,

      Thus far we seem to only run into them at Food Truck Rallys. @jaxtruckies is who to check out on twitter for daily locations.
      The Sweet Potato Spud Sub is pretty awesome.

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