Tips for Securing Eatery Businesses

The restaurant business is perhaps the worst hit during the pandemic situation. Restaurant break-ins are becoming common as it is one of the best places where there is considerable cash flow, and looting a restaurant can be of great treasure for thieves. Also, the restaurants can be an ideal destination for cross-infection with the covid virus. Thus, it has become mandatory to secure an eatery business from even a single angle, holistically.

Securing Your Eatery Business – Some Proven Tips

securing for your eatery business

Securing the investment is critical to the success of the restaurant business. Apart from adding insurance and incorporating other safety measures to protect the employees and patrons, it is also mandatory to protect the eatery against theft, robbery, and fraud. Here are some proven tips to secure the eatery.

Making Use of Restaurant POS Systems

A capable POS system can help a restaurant business track sales, track inventory, and the working hours of the employees. Most business owners report an increase in sales and improved their inventory accurately by using a restaurant POS system. It is possible to run customized inventory and sales reports to identify busy hours, high selling days, and a lot more. Accurate tracking of inventory helps with the preparation and the ordering of food and also helps in detecting employee theft.  Instead of tracking inventory by sight or by other means, it is a good practice to track inventory by recipe and ingredient, manage waste and spoilage and track delivery dates and vendor information with the help of a credible POS system. These technologies help in tracking payroll accuracy and also use biometric technologies for appropriate staffing.

Installing Security Camera Systems

The security cameras help in deterring theft and also helps in dealing with other training and liability problems of their restaurants. These security cameras help capture clear video recordings on the smartphone and be located at critical locations in the restaurant. The best way to secure an eatery business is to place security cameras throughout the dining room, bar, and in places where expensive inventory is kept.

Incorporating Advanced Security Options

Several advanced security options help in keeping the restaurants safe. Biometrics is becoming an exceptional yet affordable technology to help monitor people to log in to the POS system and access the cash drawer. Installing monitors on the freezer and refrigerator to store perishable items at an appropriate temperature helps lower the risk of foodborne illnesses and also helps in decreasing the loss of inventory.

Changing Safety Controls

Background checks should be performed on potential employees, especially those given key roles in the organization. The passcodes, keys, and other items that grant access to the employees should be changed when the employee leaves the business.

Securing the Food Truck

Some restaurants function as mobile units in a food truck and are prone to potential hazards that can disrupt the routine functioning of the food truck. It is important to protect the food truck from theft and other dangers such as food truck break-ins. These mobile stations are easy targets for theft compared with fixed restaurants. Thus it is important to lock the truck at the end of the business day and preserve the keys with you. It is also a good practice not to keep the second set of keys for the truck. It is important to secure the registration and the title of the truck and do not leave these papers in the truck when they are parked.

Surveillance commercial alarm systems can be used in a mobile truck as a theft prevention tool, but it should not be hidden as thieves refrain from stealing an asset when they are being monitored. Also, food truck owners should not leave the food truck idle, even for a short period. As well, refrain from leaving expensive equipment such as a POS system or a computer inside the food truck when it is parked and not in operation.

The Bottom Line

To secure the food truck, park the food truck in well-lit areas, preferably in a location with people walking by. Also, post-security signs outside the food truck send a clear signal to the attackers. Take comprehensive insurance that covers the business as a whole, including the instruments and the tools you keep in the food truck. And maintain absolute cleanliness in the food truck to prevent foodborne and other infections. Assess the employees for the slightest signs of flu symptoms and encourage them to stay away from work to render an ambient working environment for all.

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