Local Burger and Shake Shop Creates Shake To Support Local Cancer Center

Maybe the only downside of indulging is how you feel when you inevitably take those few extra bites you know you don’t need. M Shack is helping us out with that by offering a new promotion that will make both your stomach and your heart full. They have created a “Think Pink” Strawberry Cheesecake shake for the month of October, and for every shake purchased, $1 is donated to the Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We had a chance to check it out and I’ve got good news.

First of all, M Shack can whip up a mean shake. The shake itself was a fantastic consistency, as all of M Shack’s shakes are. But even moreso, it tasted exactly like strawberry cheesecake. Or more accurately, it tasted exactly like one of those strawberry cheesecake ice cream treats. We LOVED it, and it was extremely refreshing. And better yet, the cause is a great one. It’s a lot easier to feel good about eating something so rich and delicious when you know you are also contributing to a cause. Get your Think Pink shake through the end of the month at any M Shack location.

M Shack Think Pink Shake Benefiting Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center

Note: From time to time we’re invited out to try a restaurant or to taste new menu items. This meal is usually comped, as this one was. We’re under no obligation to write a positive review or any review at all when we’re invited out to try a place.  Every review you see on our site will be an honest review of the place whether or not the restaurant provided us with the meal at their cost.

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