6 Genius Strategies To Save Money On Restaurant Bills

According to recent data from the National Restaurant Association, average American people spend something like more than $825 billion at restaurants. Billion, exactly. That’s a very high number that reveals how Americans love going to the restaurant. As proof, the US can boast the highest number of restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, and café in the world.

restaurant tablesWhen It Gets Too Expensive…

It’s a great industry that promises well, but for restaurant customers, it means spending a very large amount of money every year. At some point, you may have to decide whether to quit going to the restaurant or have your wallet always empty because of the restaurant bills.

Of course, we don’t say that you have to go to luxury restaurants or casino restaurants at every meal (it would be nice, but really too expensive… no way to afford it), even going to average-level restaurants impacts your finances. Probably, one of the most common reasons why many people sit at a casino restaurant table for dining it’s not really for the restaurant or its menus, but for the casino experience that they can have there. Playing roulette all the time makes you hungry, that’s why you may be easily tempted to step into the casino restaurant to eat something delicious.

Great Ideas To Save Your Finances On Restaurant Dining

Do you want to have fun with casino games without spending too much on food? That’s a genius question that everybody who is crazy for casino games is probably wondering right now. Here we want to help you save money on your next restaurant expenditure, so you are in the right place to start learning new ideas to save your finances.

First of all, avoid casino restaurants, you can always play your favourite games and get incredible free bonuses at https://www.sportbettingindia.com/bonuses/no-deposit-bonus while eating a tasty home-made sandwich. Online casinos turn out to be a valid alternative to land-based casinos not only because you can save on the food but also because you don’t have to wait forever for a poker seat to get free for you. Online casinos are 24/7 at your availability… it’s like having an entire casino all for yourself!

Secondly, keep a note of the following strategies that you can adopt to save money on your next restaurant bills:

  1. Prefer to-go food
    For many years, we’ve been hearing that to-go food is somehow more expensive than what you can eat at a restaurant. Well, the truth (weird but true) is that your to-go orders can be cheaper than in-house dining. Also, you can get more food for the same money than you would pay for an in-house meal.
  2. Look on social media
    Today, almost all restaurants have a company profile on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Just log in and check if there’s any special deal on sight, it may help you save a lot of money than going when the restaurant doesn’t offer any good offer. Follow your favourite restaurants on social media channels to stay always updated on the latest offer.
  3. Don’t order bottled water
    Certain restaurants are pretty expensive when it comes to bottled water and sodas. In some places, you may get to pay for bottled water up to 50% more than buying the same bottle in a grocery, especially if it’s a trendy restaurant. If you want to save money, just skip the bottled water.
  4. Choose a “linner”
    What is a “linner”? It’s a new word coming out from the marriage between “lunch” and “dinner” and it consists of a lunch dish for dinner. That’s a money-saving trick that is spreading pretty quickly from New York all through the States. Keep in mind that lunch dishes are usually a little smaller than dinner dishes, but the price difference is amazingly larger.
  5. Pick a combocombo meal
    Combo meals seem to gain a lot of success among restaurant-goers. They are a combination of half dishes put together to make a complete meal. For example, you may get half a sandwich and half a salad for a very low price, sometimes even lower than $10.
  6. Small plates
    It might sound weird, but you may create a meal out of a variety of small plates instead of ordering appetizers and main courses. Ordering small plates allows you to try more food for a lower price. Also, you can diversify the quality of the nutrients you take in by ordering small plates.

As a general rule of thumb, you may call the restaurant before you go to ask for special status discounts. Teachers, students, seniors, along with other job categories are eligible for restaurant discounts… sometimes without they even know it!

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