[CLOSED] Corner Taco – Semi-Swanky Tacos at the Town Center

Craving tacos while shopping?  This may no longer be a stressful situation because the Jacksonville favorite Corner Taco is having a two week trial run with their food truck at the St. John’s Town Center.  Corner Taco started serving from their airstream food truck on Thursday, May 14th and will run through May 24th.   Their hours of operation for the weekdays will tentatively run from 11-3, while weekend hours will tentatively run from 11-6.  Corner Taco has been serving up their delicious semi swanky tacos from their food truck since 2012 and the brick and mortar restaurant has been open a little over a year.  We spoke with owner Chris Dickerson to get the details on this new venture prior to their trial run.

Corner Taco - Lunch.jpg

Corner Taco – Lunch

Chris told us that originally he contacted the Town Center three years ago to try to set up days for his food truck to serve.  The Town Center has strict regulations on mobile vendors and the process of getting approved fluctuated on and off over the first two years, with more serious negations occurring in the past 8 months.  The goal, according to Chris, is to work towards a second brick and mortar location at the Town Center and they’re using the trial run with the food truck to evaluate that option further.

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Corner Taco

Town Center representatives came and tried out the Corner Taco Five Points restaurant and thought they’d be a good fit.  Town Center showed a specific interested in the airstream trailer since it’s vintage, smaller, and would require no elaborate space restrictions.  Chris said this isn’t part of a long term plan to include food trucks in the Town Center, it is very specifically to determine whether Corner Taco will be successful as a brick and mortar within the Town Center.  The Town Center is approaching their tenth anniversary so this will also be mutually beneficial for the promotions planned with that event.

The Corner Taco truck has been part time since Chris opened the brick and mortar location last year, with it primarily focusing on catering and special events like TPC and One Spark.  They’ve also made a few out of state trips with the airstream to continue to build their brand.  The plan for the Town Center menu will be a little larger than their typical truck offerings.  At events, they tend to focus on 2-3 tacos to keep service simple, streamlined, and fast.  Expect to see up to five taco options at the Town Center location with the idea to expand later to include their popular salads, guacamole, and nachos.  Chris is open to evolving the menu for the food truck once they begin to get feedback over the first few days.

Corner Taco - Tacos.jpg

Corner Taco – Tacos

Chris is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to serve Jacksonville further.  He told us, “Overall, this is illustrative of how food trucks to continue to evolve in Jacksonville.  The food truck community is such a great community, it’s very tribal.  This is so exciting for us and for the food truck community as a whole.”  Make sure to visit the Corner Taco truck this weekend and support your Jacksonville local businesses!  It will be parked at the intersection by Victoria’s Secret.

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