Your Pie – A New Quick Serve Pizza Place in Southside

Your pie is a new pizza concept originating in Athens Georgia. Your pie puts the power to choose nearly every detail of your personal pizza in your hands. They offer an ordering style similar to Subway or Moe’s where you walk down the line of items and let your personal pizza maker put all the pieces you request together.

Pizza by Your Pie - Ordering Instructions

Pizza by Your Pie – Ordering Instructions

Two locations in town:
Near Tinseltown at
4828 Deer Lake Dr W, Jacksonville, FL

Fleming Island
1545 County Road 220 #125, Fleming Island, FL


Pizza by Your Pie - Pizza Artist

Pizza by Your Pie – Pizza Artist

Food: Your pie offers personal pizzas, paninis and salads. They also offer soups and gelato. On this trip we went with the pizza and also tried a soup. When ordering your pizza you start off by picking a crust. The options are white, wheat, or gluten free. They’ll actually make the gluten free in a completely separate area in the back if necessary to meet the needs of those with severe celiac disease. Since this was my first ever visit I went with white in the interest of keeping it simple. Next you choose a sauce. Choose from BBQ, basil pesto, garlic olive oil, hot, marinara, ranchy marinara, sun tomato, and thai. I stuck with standard marinara on this one. Next you choose your cheese. They have a huge selection. Choose from cheddar, feta, mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, low fat mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta, parmesan, and vegan cheese. We mixed 2/3rd mozzarella with 1/3rd cheddar cheese on our pie. Next your choose toppings. There are all the options you’d expect plus a few you wouldn’t like corn, vidalia onions, capicola, cranberries, and tofu. We chose pepperoni, black olives, red onions, and green peppers. Each pizza is cooked in 5-7 minutes right before your eyes in their giant oven. From what I can tell they are all thin crust. Our pizza was pretty delicious. It’s not New York pizza that blows you away. But, that’s not what you expect. You expect quality fresh personalized pizza just for you and that’s exactly what you get. I found their pizza to be a lot less greasy than the average pizza in town without sacrificing any taste. It’s really nice to have so many options but also very overwhelming. They had 5 or 6 interesting pizzas listed you could choose. I’d have preferred a few more set options to pick from. In making my pizza I sort of wanted to choose one of the more creative sauce or cheese options but I was very scared of ending up with a pizza I didn’t like and then having to force myself to eat it or order another and waste it. They really ought to have a tasting day once a month where you’re able to pay one price and try a few options you may not be adventurous enough to order on your own. We also tried the beer cheese and broccoli soup. Every time I’ve had a beer cheese soup it’s been very thick. This soup was very thin. It was almost like a broth based soup. The flavor was very good. It just wasn’t at all what I expected.

My Pie at Your Pie Pizza

My Pie at Your Pie Pizza

Service: My personal pizza builder was really helpful and took the time to explain all the options to me. He was very friendly. He did everything quickly without being in a rush.

Your pie is a fun new addition to the pizza scene in Jax. It’s a novel idea that’s executed in a way that doesn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of novelty. It’s definitely worth your time to take an evening to head over and check it out.

Your Pie Desserts

Your Pie Desserts

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