Bagels R Us – A Dozen Cream Cheeses Before Seven AM

We stopped in for breakfast today at Bagels R us, a small local bagel shop on Beach blvd between Hodges blvd. and San Pablo road. Bagels R Us offers 20 or so different kinds of bagels and a few different breakfast and lunch options. The place was run for years by a friendly Asian couple. When I arrived this time there were some friendly Italian guys running the place. I asked and they informed me they took over around 3 months ago. I give the new guys credit. They knew nearly everyone who walked in the place during the 45 minutes or so we were there.

Bagels R Us

Bagels R Us

People come to Bagels R Us for 3 reasons- They open earlier than most places(6am), the prices are fair, and the food is decent. If you’ve gotta get to work early Bagels R Us is a pretty darn good choice. They’ll take your order, get it made quickly, and get you out the door. They offer all the basic breakfast fair and a variety of hot and cold sandwiches for lunch as well. For breakfast most people either just order some bagels and a flavored cream cheese or they go with the breakfast plate($4.79)- 2 eggs any way, ham sausage or bacon, and bagel with choice of cream cheese. We went with the breakfast plate. We ordered the eggs over medium with sausage and a garlic bagel with bacon cheddar spread. The bagel was really good with nice toasted pieces of garlic on top. The cream cheese was decent. It had plenty of flavor. As you can see from the picture they aren’t skimpy with the cream cheese. They’ve got 12 different varieties of cream cheese to choose from. The flavors range from garlic herb to vegetable to lox. They also offer two or three varieties of light cream cheese and turkey bacon if you want to do breakfast a little healthier. The sausage I ordered came as a patty. It was pretty standard sausage. The eggs were cooked perfectly over medium. As someone who orders a more difficult preparation normally, it’s nice when they get it right.

Bagels R Us - Turbo Bagel

Bagels R Us – Turbo Bagel

I wouldn’t go out of my way to come to Bagels R Us but if you’re in the area or if you need to grab breakfast before 7am they’re a solid choice.

Bagels R Us - Up Early

Bagels R Us – Up Early

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