Sid and Linda’s Seafood Market and Restaurant Review – Unexpected Quality Fresh Fish

Overview of Restaurant and Concept: Sid and Linda’s opened in March and offers fresh fish and seafood items.  Looking at the restaurant from the outside you’d never expect a restaurant with as much space or the quality of fresh fish you’ll find inside. I was a bit apprehensive the first time I visited. I always associate the term fish market with a nasty dead fish smell.  Thankfully there’s no such smell at Sid and Linda’s and the place is kept very clean.  There’s 20 tables or so inside seating I’d guess 70-80 people. The atmosphere is like any other basic hole in the wall spot in Jax just with Ocean themed décor. The restaurant is in the front with a seafood market in the back. It has a laid back atmosphere and is a good spot to take your kids.

Sid and Lindas

Sid and Lindas

12220 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32225

(904) 503-8276


The food: We started the meal off by asking for some crab dip.  The waitress said, “No you want the shrimp dip.  I love it and you’ll like it better.” She said I can bring you some of both if you like.  We agreed. She brought a half portion of both.  She was right! The crab dip was around a C-. The shrimp dip was great! Little bit of shrimp in a cream cheese base. We loved it.  You come to Sid and Linda’s for the great fresh fish.  They didn’t disappoint.  On this visit I had the grilled Mahi-Mahi basket and my wife enjoyed the fish tacos. We tried to order beans and rice for my picky two year old but were told they’ve been out for a few days since they have one specific person who makes them and they’ve been out for a few days. The Mahi was cooked just right seasoned well and topped with a garlic butter that added delicious flavor. The basket came with hush puppies, French fries and cole slaw. I substituted twice baked potato for the fries.  The hush puppies were unremarkable.  Pretty standard.  The twice baked was pretty much what I expected. It was topped with cheese and tasted pretty much how you’d expect a good one to taste.  One thing I really liked was all of the options you can substitute for fries for a small charge. Twice baked potato, mashed sweet potatoes, or a salad were all choices you could sub for a small upcharge.  The Cole Slaw was sweet, thin not saucy, chopped really fine, and had bits of carrot in it.  It was just okay.  I ordered a house salad before the meal with Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing.  It was HUGE! It came with romaine lettuce, onions, tomato, croutons, and cheddar cheese. The dressing was the thickest raspberry vinaigrette I’ve ever seen.  It looked like a thick syrup.  I’d shoot for a different dressing if you order the salad.  This was our second visit to Sid and Linda’s and my wife had to have the tacos again because she loved them so much the first time.  The fish tacos were well seasoned and delicious.  The fresh grilled fish topped with Queso Blanco cheese on a soft taco shell was outstanding.  You really can’t go wrong with any fresh fish dish here.



Mahi Mahi @ Sid and Lindas - That is Fresh Fish!

Mahi Mahi @ Sid and Lindas – That is Fresh Fish!

Service: The waiter who seated us wasn’t our waiter but immediately took our drink order to make sure we had zero wait time for our drinks.  I definitely appreciate this sort of thing.  It makes you feel cared for and as a guest at a restaurant you want to feel all your needs are met as quickly as possible. The waiters and waitresses here are friendly and treat you like family.  They suggest dishes they’ve actually tried and steer you to the best tasting stuff on the menu if you let them.  Our waitress was great with my two year old and took time to interact with him and make him feel valued. Dining with a little one’s always challenging and it’s the little things like this that make it easier. One thing I didn’t like was my salad was brought out at the same time as my meal.

Fresh Fish Tacos @ Sid and Lindas

Fresh Fish Tacos @ Sid and Lindas



  • Definitely try the shrimp dip and the fish tacos


  • Great people
  • Great service
  • Laid back atmosphere


  • Food came out a bit slow.
  • Make sure to be clear you’d like your soup/salad first before the main course or it will probably all come out at the same time.

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