All You Can Eat Crab Legs – When and Where

One of the questions we frequently get asked is where to find all you can eat crab legs in Jax. This last time when we were asked this questions we turned to our Facebook followers to compile an answer we can point folks too. Here’s a rundown of the places we know of in Jax that offer all you can eat crab legs. Please note this list was crowd sourced and as such we can’t guarantee it’s accuracy. If you find any of these to be inaccurate or know of an any deal we missed please post a comment or email us the correct info.

Restaurant: Gigi’s in Ramada Inn
Part of town: Mandarin
Price: around $35 includes buffet with shrimp fish prime rib and more
When: Friday and Saturday

Crab Leg Buffet - Gigis

Crab Leg Buffet – Gigis



Restaurant: Crystal River Seafood
Part of town: Westside
Price: $27.95 includes two sides and for $1 more includes fried shrimp
When: Mondays


Restaurant: Ship to Shore
Part of town: Northside
Price: $29.99 includes two sides
When: Wednesday and Saturday


Restaurant: Sandollar
Part of town: Northside
Price: $28.95
When: Thursdays

Restaurant: Osaka
Part of town: Mandarin
Price: $16.95 and includes All You Can Eat Buffet
When: Every Day

Restaurant: Whitey’s Fish Camp
Part of Town: Orange Park
Price: $39.99
When: Mondays

Restaurant: Bestbet
Part of town: Orange Park
Price: unknown
When: Friday and Saturday

Restaurant: Smokey BBQ
Part of town: On Cassat off of Normandy
Price: $29.99
When: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Restaurant: Bubba’s Seafood and Steaks
Part of town: Westside
Price: $28.99
When: Sunday and Monday

Restaurant: Smokey’s BBQ
Part of town: Westside
Price: $28.99
When: Tues, Weds, Thurs, 3-8pm $28.99 and all day Sunday

Restaurant: The Reef
Part of town: St. Augustine
Price: $35
When: Sunday’s 11-2:30

  1. The best palce is Osaka all you can eat crab legs are the best. Season real good and they keep coming and coming and coming. Everytime I go there it’s my birthday lol

  2. Crystal River has been closed almost a month. They could not afford the crab legs anymore. They also did not tell anyone and we all found out the hard way. Very tacky for returning customers

  3. Osaka, hands down the BEST value! Plus, you get the rest of the buffet, too. No need to wonder how long they have been sitting on the buffet table, because they are out within 5-10 minutes of being brought out. They are brought out every 15-20 minutes, like clockwork, too.

    **UPDATE** The dinner buffet price is now $16.95.

  4. Come on people, your like the CNN of restaurant critcs…. Osaka on san jose brings out legs and they are gone in less than a minute… And then they take thier sweet ass time refilling them…. Good luck getting all you can eat there…..

    • Totally agree, and they are pretty small and you can tell they are old, the texture is weird. Although cheap for crap legs, still not worth the price.

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