[CLOSED] Hero’s Eatery – Good Food Celebrating Local Heroes

Hero’s Eatery is a quick service mostly sandwich shop in Mandarin, just north of the Julington Creek Bridge.  We stopped in after hearing that they serve breakfast all day and have bottomless mimosa for brunch.  What we found was even sweeter.  Hero’s Eatery is a true neighborhood spot, celebrating their community and its heroes.  Each sandwich is named after a hero, such as nurses, teachers, paramedics, etc.  Additionally they celebrate one local hero each month, chosen from Facebook submissions, and a percentage of sales from the corresponding hero’s sandwich are given to the charity of their choice.  They also have a bulletin board in the back where they will match each dollar pinned there to benefit a K9 organization.

So you know it’s a good business, but is the food any good?  On our visit we tried the Meat Lovers breakfast sandwich (two eggs with your choice of meat and American cheese, $4.49), the Lifeguard Hero (corned beef, pastrami, Swiss, slaw, Russian dressing, toasted garlic bread, $6.49), and the Survivor Hero (hummus, avocado spread, lettuce, tomato, spinach, feta cheese, $6.99), and a side of quinoa salad.  The breakfast sandwich was made to order and served on a round roll.  It was exactly what the menu stated and it was good enough that our son ordered and ate an entire second sandwich.  The bread was great – nicely toasted and fresh.  The sausage and egg and American cheese all got the job done.

Hero's Eatery - Sausage, Egg, and Cheese

Hero’s Eatery – Sausage, Egg, and Cheese

One of our favorite ways to choose something to try is to ask which item is the most popular on the menu.  Without a second’s pause, the owner told us it was the Lifeguard Hero. We can see why the Lifeguard is the go to sandwich; it was more delicious than the sum of its parts.  The Lifeguard is basically a rueben hero, but we loved the great flavors of the meats and dressing and slaw without the grease of a diner-grilled butter-saturated rueben.  A reuben without the mess and a few less calories without sacrificing taste definitely should be a go to for any reuben lover.  If you go to Hero’s Eatery you can’t go wrong with the Lifeguard.

Hero's Eatery - The Lifeguard

Hero’s Eatery – The Lifeguard

The last hero we tried was the Survivor. We went with this as a healthier option. It was good and fresh, and a solid vegetarian choice.  I would choose it again if I was going for a meat-free meal, but after having the Lifeguard I would be hard pressed to go meat-free at Hero’s Eatery.  For sides we tried the pasta salad and the quinoa salad.  The pasta salad was light, fresh, and simple. It’s about what you’d expect.  The only disappointment in our meal at Hero’s Eatery was the quinoa salad we chose as a side.  It was supposed to have cucumber and other yummies in it, but all we found was quinoa with a light oil and vinegar dressing.  We’ll skip that and go with chips next time.

Overall we were delighted with our meal at Hero’s Eatery.  The sandwiches were really good and fairly priced.  We like what they are doing in being a true neighborhood restaurant and making fresh, delicious, and affordable food to order.  Donating a portion of the proceeds to their chosen community hero’s cause is admirable.  They’re exactly the kind of people our community should support.  We’ve got our eye on their brunch and bottomless mimosas one of these weekends.  We hope to see you there.

Hero's Eatery

Hero’s Eatery

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  1. Sorry to report new owners took over summer of 2017. So, this needs to be updated. They No longer serve breakfast and trust me it’s Not the same nice neighborhood place it was.
    My suggestion, do not waste your time or money at the new Hero’s Eatery.

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