[CLOSED] Tres Leches – Best Damn Empanada in Jacksonville

Now that we’ve reached 100+ restaurants reviewed we figured it’s time to declare something in Jacksonville the best in its category. We’ve been looking for a food item in Jax that stands out to a degree that every other local restaurant’s version doesn’t even compare. This week we made a visit out to Tres Leches to chat with the owners and do an interview. While I was there doing the interview they asked if I’d like to sample some of their food. Since when does a fat guy turn down free food? Everything I tried was fantastic but the empanadas were completely out of this world! Since I travel to South Florida frequently for work I’ve eaten a heckuva lot of empanadas from all sorts of different places. None of them could even come close to holding a candle to this one. I can honestly say the chicken empanada I was served at Tres Leches was the best empanada I’ve ever tasted.

Tres Leches - Empenada

Tres Leches – Empenada

First off Tres Leches empanadas are HUGE! They’re double the size of a typical empanada. A typical empanada in Jax may have meat with good flavor but almost always fails in the crust department. Tres Leches empanada excels in both areas. The crust is the texture of an actual pie crust, It’s nice and flaky and breaks up a little as you eat it. The heaps of chicken found inside were incredibly tender and bursting with flavor. These combine to make Tres Leches Empanada our Pick for the best Empanada in Jax in 2014. For $7 I doubt there’s anything more tasty or a better value in town. Head down to Tres Leches to try it and tell us what you think.

Tres Leches

Tres Leches

Tres Leches - Empanadas

Tres Leches – Empanadas

  1. After your proclamation of best empanada, I read your review of Lola’s, where I had lunch last week. I was with my friend whose grandma lived half her life in Cuba. He said the Latin Beef was the closest to hers he had eaten since she died a decade ago. Have you tried them cause they are spectacular. Crust like a pie too! I’ve been wanting to try Tres Leches because the name sake dessert is my fav cake when done right. The best Tres Leches I have found was at the Tasting Table in St Auggie. Just my 2 cents. *hugs*

  2. Based on your review,I tried it today. if that’s the best empanada you’ve ever had then you’ve had some really lousy ones.The meat was dry,the crust was flavorless(all you could taste was flour) and even the iced tea was lousy. And Im sorry,but Ive never in my life had an empanada that wasn’t fried. To be fair,the pasta salad was delicious,as was the potato leek soup,but not enough to have me ever darken their door again.

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