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A few weeks ago one of our readers sent us a bizarre receipt from the Wee Pub in St Mary’s that we decided to share. You can read about that here. We’re not huge fans of drama so we thought we’d make a trip up to the Wee Pub to check out what the Wee pub is all about and see about the food. The Wee Pub is just a few minutes off I95 exit 1 entering Georgia. They offer standard bar food and typical Irish fare in a laid back environment. It’s definitely the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else and people are very friendly. One night the place is packed with folks coming in to watch the football game and the next they’ve got a crowd for karaoke. It seems like they always have something interesting going on. When we were there they had the restaurant all decked out for Halloween. We quickly got the feeling that it’s a true community gathering space for the St Mary’s area.
Wee Pub - Wings

Wee Pub – Wings

If there’s one thing these guys do well it’s offer value. Monday’s they’ve got $9.99 all you can eat wings, Tuesdays seniors save 30%, Wednesdays military saves 30%, and Sunday’s bring in the church bulletin and save 20%. They’ve always got some sort of food offering that truly is a value.
I started things off with 6 wings medium. I was told these guys are known for their all you can eat tasty wings($9.99 Mondays, $14.99 any time for just wings or $15.99 AUCE wings with whatever kinds of potatoes you’d like). The wings came out nice and crisp. The buffalo sauce had good flavor and just the right amount of heat for medium wings. I’d order them again for sure. The Wee Pub offers 8 different flavors of wings you can try but I kept it simple this time. As a main course I tried the shepherd’s pie. The Wee Pub’s shepherd’s pie might be called a deconstructed shepherd’s pie. A typical Shepherd’s pie comes with ground beef mixed with peas and another veggie or two in some sort of light sauce. The Wee Pub’s is heaps of ground beef topped with mashed potatoes and cheese served with a side of veggies and gravy. If you eat just the potatoes and meat by itself it’s kind of dry and a bit bland. Pour the gravy over top and get a veggie or two in the bite and it’s not half bad. If they’d have chopped up some veggies and mixed the meat and gravy together underneath the potatoes I’m sure sure that this dish would have been really delicious. For dessert we went with the butter pecan bread pudding. The manager shared with me that this dish has won both the Taste of Camden and Taste of Glen county competitions first place for desserts. We can see why. This dish was pretty darn good. Toasted pecan’s throughout tasty bread pudding that was just sweet enough topped with vanilla ice cream made for a dessert we could definitely stop in for again. Did I mention the portion size was HUGE? I doubt I even ate half of it. I ate the meal at the bar and the service was really solid. The bar tender took good care of me and the waitresses and hostess appeared to do a good job working together as a team.
Wee Pub - Shepherds Pie

Wee Pub – Shepherds Pie

If you’re ever near St Mary’s and looking for a friendly place to grab a pint and enjoy some decent pub food we think the Wee Pub is a great choice.
Full disclosure: We don’t normally notify management we’re coming but in light of our previous article we thought it would be useful to meet the ownership behind the Wee Pub. In this case they knew we were coming and although we didn’t expect them to, they chose to comp the meal. A comped meal in no way guarantees a positive review. This as with every review is our honest opinion of the restaurant.
Wee Pub - Butter Pecan Bread Pudding

Wee Pub – Butter Pecan Bread Pudding

Wee Pub - Menu

Wee Pub – Menu

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  1. Thank you to Jacksonville Restaurant Reviews for your comments. We are delighted that you had a positive experience and we hope to see you again. Also a very special thank you to the staff and loyal customers at the Wee Pub. Wee couldn’t do it without you!

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