Check this Train Wreck Out [updated]

We got a fun note on instagram last night.  Go ahead and read the text in the 2 images in the article…we’ll wait.

Rude Customer

Rude Customer

Rude Customer

Rude Customer

Whoa!!  Well, there’s 2 sides to every story.  We reached out on Facebook to Wee Pub and here’s their response:

Wee apologize if the customer felt he/she received poor service & did not receive the requested water as wee take great pride in our service. However, Abby is an exceptional server & was just following Wee Pub policy of not allowing patrons to share the “ALL-U-CAN-EAT” WING SPECIAL.  Our regular price for A.U.C.E. wings is $14.99.  Wee run a special every Monday (this was on Monday) for A.U.C.E. wings at $9.99 (for ONE PERSON)…which wee feel is a very generous special.  Unfortunately wee occasionally encounter customer(s) who wish to take advantage of the situation & this is clearly the case here as the customer admits he “cheated” & is in fact quite proud of it.  Perhaps stealing wings is acceptable in NY (as the customer brags,) but stealing is quite frowned upon down here in southeast Georgia!  Wee politely request that these people never return to the WeePub as wee do not need “business’ such as this.  What’s to keep 3 people from sharing A.U.C.E. wings…or 8 or 12?  If certain people cannot play by the rules, then we’ll simply have to do away with this particular special, which is a customer favorite!  Additionally, if the customer wishes to short Abby on her tip due to “rudeness” or not bringing water, then so be it & these items will be brought to her attention.  But to short a person who makes a living off of tips because she was simply doing her job is reprehensible!  It is said that the “customer is always right,” but not in this case.  Thank you for your time, Kevin McGarvey”

And a further follow up:

“Thank you Jerry for bringing this to my attention!  I just spoke with my business partner, Dan, who was managing the floor last night & he filled me in on a little more of what happened.  Apparently these folks called Abby a C**T & told her to go find another job.  Dan said it was so bad that she started crying & had to leave the floor!  These folks are total trash!!  Thank you, Kevin”

No one goes to a buffet and pays for one person and expects to be allowed to share.  Likewise, an All-U-Can-Eat special is pretty clearly for one diner.
It’s “he-said, she-said” situation, but we agree with Wee Pub.  A “customer” like that isn’t worth having.

Loyal readers, we started this site as a way to support local business owners.  We never hesitate to give you our honest opinion on any restaurant.  While we haven’t dined at McGarvey’s Wee Pub South (2603 Osborne Rd, St Marys, GA 31558) we really like their quick and reasonable response.   Abby, sorry you had to deal with these folks, hopefully they didn’t ruin anyone else’s night as well.


The original poster on Instagram posted this before turning their account private:

Rude Customer

Rude Customer

  1. Great response. I’m not going to lie, when I saw your post on Instagram, I was concerned that you were siding with the customer. If you get paid service, that is one thing but all you can eat is not a free for all. As much as they may annoy customers at time, restaurants are allowed to have rules (within reason, of course) and the idea that you aren’t allowed to share all you can eat makes complete sense to me.

  2. If I lived in Ga I would go order wings and tip Abby double just for having had to go through that. It’s obvious from the wording of the complaint that that person is an uneducated person who has no manners.

  3. Thank you for your support guys! We’re proud of Abby & we’re proud of our service at the Wee Pub! Unfortunately wee just can’t please everyone! 😉 Please pop in anytime at one of the Wee Pubs…love to have you!

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