One Spark – Brilliant, Amazing, Logical…and Wacky

At One Spark this week you’re going to see a lot of different ideas, creations, and businesses. Some of them will be brilliant. Some of them will make a lot of sense. Some of them will be down right ridiculous and others will be completely zany. For this article we’re going to focus on what we feel are the wackiest ideas at One Spark. As you read this keep in mind that when we call an idea wacky we don’t necessarily mean it won’t work or we don’t like it. We’re simply saying it’s pretty out there. Here they go in no particular order:

First up is Troll on the bowl. This creation reminds us of the sort of invention that gets laughed out of “The Shark Tank”. This One Spark creator is seeking to raise $24,999 to manufacture and market a book and a troll that reminds little boys ages 4-8 years old to pay attention and point their wiener in the toilet when peeing. $25k for the pee troll really??? I didn’t know this was a pressing need.

Wacky idea number 2 is Buddy Brew. Buddy brew is a non-alcoholic non-carbonated drink for your dog. I love my dog but I can’t imagine him needing to drink anything more than water. I definitely can’t imagine spending money on giving him something to drink beyond water. The good news for this creator though is dog clothes are a multimillion dollar business and so are gourmet doggie treats so they’ve definitely got a decent shot at making some bank of this idea if it catches on.

The next wacky idea we’re featuring is the Secret Tunnel Tour and Restoration. Many Jacksonvillians don’t realize this but, there’s actually a system of old vaults and tunnels that run beneath many of the city’s older bank buildings. These guys are working on a project to restore the old tunnels and underground vaults so that a secret tunnel tour can be offered in underground Jax. We think this one sounds awesome! A new opportunity to share some of the history of Jacksonville and offer another cool option for Jacksonville’s visitors is something we can completely get behind.

Wacky idea number 4 is The River Pool project. The idea behind this one is to build a filtrating public pool in the St Johns River at the Jacksonville Landing. This is a wild idea that will probably never happen but if they pulled it off it sounds like it would be pretty fantastic. It’d be a nice boost to tourism since its definitely something people would come from surrounding cities to see. I’d definitly take the family down to the Landing for a swim. Would you?

Wacky idea number 5 isn’t actually a wacky idea but an idea that has a wacky name. This one’s called Rent A Wife. As if one wasn’t enough!!!….I kid, I kid. No they won’t let you rent a wife for what you men might be thinking about wanting a wife for either. This one is basically a rent a personal assistant service. Need odd jobs done around home? You can call these folks.

The last wacky idea on our list is called Flip Tops. Ever wanted to be able to walk barefoot into a store with a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” sign. Yeah, me neither. If you are in the group of folks who love to be barefoot you’ll probably enjoy this one. Flip Tops make it looks like you’re wearing shoes by providing the top strap portion of a flip flop without the bottom. Basically you can be barefoot while looking like you’re wearing shoes. I’m not a huge fan of sharing athlete’s foot with every other person that walks in the convenience store but if being barefoot floats your boat go chip in on this one.

With around 600 creators at One Spark I’m sure we could have missed a wacky one of two that should have made the list. If you find a wacky one we missed please share it with us in the comments.

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