The Happy Grilled Cheese Fans- Rejoice!

Veteran food truck and longtime favorite of the general public, The Happy Grilled Cheese, is soon opening a brick and mortar restaurant of the same name. The Happy Grilled Cheese has had plans to open a store for more than a year, but had been plagued with building issues. Anthony Hashem, HGC owner, recently found the perfect home downtown for his vision of The Happy Grilled Cheese. Located at 219 N Hogan St. and already laid out and fitted as a small restaurant, Hashem and his team are working to cross this previously elusive finish line as early as next month.

Mac n Cheese Melt

But how will you “take it cheesy” at food truck rallies? No need for fears, The Happy Grilled Cheese is keeping their original 1986 antique truck in service at a parking lot near you. The new location will be an expansion of cheesiness, not a transition. You can expect all your favorite menu items at the new store on Hogan Street.

The Fancy Melt and The Apple Melt with Ham

The news is good for everyone- a local, much beloved brand spreading their wings and their cheese, two options for tried and true grilled cheese delights for Jaxsons, and a few more jobs for our local economy.

S’mores Melt

The next time you have a house guest who wants to know what Jacksonville is all about, tell them to ‘Take it Cheesy’ and head over to Hogan Street for some grilled cheese euphoria.

The Happy Grilled Cheese Love

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