Tunis Review – Fast Food Addition to Regency

Overview of restaurant and concept: Today we visited Tunis, A restaurant recently opened in the old Miami subs location on Monument across from the Regency mall.  This area has seen a large exodus of businesses recently and it’s nice to see a new addition.  I’m not sure what I expected the place to look like on the inside but whatever my expectation this wasn’t it. The inside of the restaurant hasn’t changed much. It’s sparse and has the feel of a cheap local fast food joint.  There might have been 7 or 8 tables in the place which don’t even take up half the room.  They’ve left the rest of the room empty.   That seemed a bit weird.  I visited about 2pm to have a late lunch and although there weren’t a lot of people inside they did seem to have a fairly brisk drive through crowd. After visiting I did a bit of research and found out there are 3 or 4 Tunis in town now. I guess a local entrepreneur opened what amounts to a small local fast food chain.

Tunis Fast Food in Regency

Tunis Fast Food in Regency

Food: Local fast food places are usually bad so I didn’t exactly have my hopes up. I had been told Tunis has good gyros so I figured that’s what I’d try. Surprisingly the food here turned out to be pretty darn good.  I ordered the #5 which comes with 5 wings, fries, and a gyro.  The fries were crinkle cut, a style of which I am a fan. They had a little seasoning but not much and were cooked just the right amount of time. Hard to mess up fries though.  I went with medium wings. The sauce was really good. It almost tasted like it might have had a touch of Worcester sauce in it.  The gyro was very good. The pita was thick and had been placed on the grill shortly which added flavor and ensured it was delivered warm.  It was loaded with Lamb onions tomatoes and tzatziki sauce.  The lamb was the star of this show. It had a bit of crunch to it while still being really tender and having good flavor.  They offer your choice of lamb chicken or beef so if you prefer a different meat you can indulge your preference.

Gyro and Fries @ Tunis

Gyro and Fries @ Tunis

Service: From the time I ordered to the time the food was delivered was about 7-8 minutes.  That’s fairly decent service if you’re going to eat in a fast food restaurant.  If you come through the drive through at Tunis expect to wait a bit longer than you normally would in a drive through. Really  my only complaint is the napkins are tiny. Sounds funny but they were the smallest napkins I’ve ever seen in a restaurant.  These napkins were made for elves! In a wing place you need good napkins.The ketchup packets were tiny also and there was a box on the trash can asking you to save unused condiment packets and put them in the box. That was weird but I guess “waste not, want not”.

Tunis - Strange Interior...But You're There for The Fast Food

Tunis – Strange Interior…But You’re There for The Fast Food


  • Good wings
  • Excellent Gyros
  • Good option for the area
  • New Fast Food Option


  • Sparse dining area
  • Tiny napkins
  • Few healthy options (duh! fast food)


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  1. I tried this place back in September 2013. The gyro was delish, wings were bland, fries were great! The guy at the counter was a little creepy and offered my daughter free ice cream cone. Kinda strange. It looked like nothing at all had changed in there since they reopened. It was like they just left it as it was and started serving food from it. But I have seen signs saying new management so maybe I’ll give it another try.

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