Applebees – Hell Has Not Frozen Over

We’re writing today about Applebee’s. No hell hasn’t frozen over! I know…. You were convinced that might happen before we’d write about the most chain of all chain restaurants. We were too! We’re writing because Applebee’s in Orange Park has actually done something unique and inclusive. Applebee’s invited us out to their newly remodeled Orange Park location to see the community theme they’ve implemented. As you walk in the restaurant you’re greeted by pictures of local police and fire fighters from the local Orange Park community. Head off to the right into the dining room and you’ll find every area high school represented with photos of football, cheerleading, track, swimming, etc. How cool would it be as a high school athlete to be able to walk into an area restaurant and see a giant photo of you playing your sport on the wall? I guarantee if that was me on the wall my Mom would drag every out of town guest to Applebee’s to show them Applebee’s put me on the wall. Continue on further into the restaurant and you’ll find Jacksonville University and The University of North Florida’s logos and photos adorning the walls then further Jaguars photos, Jax Giants photos etc. Smart thinking by Applebee’s….Make high school kids feel appreciated and also find a way to make a big national chain feel like the local watering hole it aspires to be. Take a look at the photos we’ve included with this article to get a feel for what we’re talking about. We should also note that their new bar bites and appetizers menu is a lot more creative and tasty than what we’ve tried at Applebee’s in the past. If you’re going to dine at a chain at least do it at a place like this that has made a true effort to make itself a part of the local community.

Applebees - Supporting Local

Applebees – Supporting Local



Applebees - Ridgeview

Applebees – Ridgeview

Applebees - Nachos

Applebees – Nachos

Applebees - Local

Applebees – Local

Applebees - Mac N Cheese

Applebees – Mac N Cheese

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